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BlackRock bond experts reveal the top themes driving our fixed income outlook. Learn the latest key risks and opportunities in today’s bond market.

Will companies have to cut their dividends amid coronavirus-related losses? We explore the often overlooked risk of water stress and its financial implications on portfolios. The Systematic Active Equity team discusses the need to dig beyond headline numbers.

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Learn about modern strategies advisors can employ to succeed in a new changing client market. Get a list of new marketing tactics to test and adopt a mindset that helps you keep growing in a world changed by the pandemic. As criminals get smarter you must take extra steps to protect both your clients and your firm. Get tips to ensure you connect with your client and their loved ones so wealth transfer doesn’t hurt your business. The best way to deliver quality service is by understanding what clients want from your interactions.

The current moment feels like none before it, but our quantitative tools point toward a period of market recovery similar to others we’ve seen before. In this one-minute read, Tony DeSpirito offers three reasons to look to equities for income. The BlackRock Investment Institute sees higher inflation over the medium term, for three main reasons.

Positive word regarding mouth will be your best marketing and advertising ally, but it’s not necessarily always easy to make. Learn about six issues your clients may end up being susceptible to — in addition to how to overcome these people. Casting a wide total when prospecting makes perception in theory, but this process doesn’t necessarily translate directly into actual clients.

Get do’s and don’ts to help to make sure your video conventions with clients, prospects, in addition to your team stay successful and professional. Discover just how to ready your business to be able to move forward within a post COVID-19 world. The outbreak changed everything, and economic advisors are certainly not necessarily immune.

discussing why investors should consider adding international exposures to their portfolios. i will email you the doc and charts in excel, i am not able to upload here due to size limit. Equity investor Eric Rice answers these questions and more in this one-minute read.

As the needs of your clients and prospects change, make sure your technology can keep up. Paytm president Madhur Deora told PYMNTS in September that the Indian economy has seen a reduction in the amount cash payments being made, even though the country has historically been based on them. Deora said the company’s goal isn’t only to build a digital payments system, but also to build a whole consumer ecosystem that would let users manage different parts of their lives without having to go through numerous apps. Tweet Share EmailUBS Group might be investing $400 million in India’s Paytm, which is owned by Ant Group, according to a report from Tech in Asia.