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Electric car subsidies are hated by economists, loved by activists. - Vox

As Bushnell points out, economic research — see here, here, here, and here — is generally not supportive of current subsidies for electric vehicles (EVs).

Final Exam - Question 1 10 out of 10 points How can a...

Selected Answer: Correct Answer: poorer than other countries. Question 5 10 out of 10 points Why have economists generally supported subsidies for health care? Answer Selected Answer: Correct Answer: They believe individual health gains are beneficial to all of society’s health.

Do Economists Reach a Conclusion on Subsidies for Sports

The paper also relates survey evidence showing that economists in general oppose sports subsidies.

Demand supply graph subsidy insurance

A subsidy is generally used as a form of support for particular portions of a nation’s economy.


Subsidies are generally seen as privileges, as they lessen an associated burden that was previously levied against the receiver or promote a particular action by providing financial support.

Economists predict shockwaves if Obamacare subsidies are nixed

By Sharon Begley and Caroline Humer NEW YORK (Reuters) - As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to rule on whether people in 34 states can continue to receive Obamacare health insurance subsidies, economists are projecting billions of dollars in lost healthcare spending for hospitals...

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The global addiction to energy subsidies

The Economist explainsThe global addiction to energy subsidies. Government subsidies for fossil fuels are larger than they might seem at first.


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Mixed Economies

However, the government in mixed economies generally subsidizes public goods, such as roads and libraries, and provide welfare services such as social security.


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Reddit comments linking to The Grumpy Economist: Subsidies for...

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