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Which NFL team has won the most Super Bowls

Which 3 NFL teams have won the most Super Bowls? Through Super Bowl XLVI (2012) the Pittsburgh

Top 10 NFL Franchises With Most Regular Season Wins

Many of the most notable franchises in the NFL make this list of most regular season wins in league history.

which nfl franchise has won the most super bowls

What's your favorite chili recipe for Super Bowl ? watch super bowl live nbc.

List of NFL Teams With the Most Super Bowl Wins - BetFirm

But for the majority of NFL teams, if they don’t win the Super Bowl, it’s considered a big disappointment.

Most Super Bowl Wins: List of NFL Teams with Rings...

Top Six NFL Teams with the Most Championships in Super Bowl History. Below is a look at the franchises that have won four or more titles. As you can see it’s a pretty elusive list.

Which NFL teams have never won a Super Bowl?

Which NFL team has won the most Super Bowls? by Rhonda Schmidt.

Top Ten NFL Franchises - TheTopTens

Even though they have one less Superbowl win then Pittsburgh, the Packers may be the most feared team of all the NFL.

The 25 toughest Super Bowl trivia questions of all time - CBSSports.com

The Broncos have won three Super Bowls in franchise history, but Denver has also dropped an NFL-high five Super Bowls. (Photo: USATSI).

Page 2: Page 2's ultimate NFL power rankings, 1-10 - ESPN Page 2

Which franchise is king of the NFL? This is what 32 teams set out to decide each year through a 16-game regular season and subsequent playoff

9 questions about the Super Bowl you were too embarrassed to... - Vox

Under coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady, the Patriots have won six AFC championships and three Super Bowls since 2002. They are by far the most successful NFL franchise of the current era, and a fourth Super Bowl win would cement that legacy.

Which NFL Team Has The Worst Alumni?

No one should listen to Mark Schlereth talk about anything, but winning a Super Bowl often confers

Why haven't the Philadelphia Eagles ever won a Super Bowl? - Quora

The Eagles have existed as a franchise since 1931. In the time before the merger, they won 3 national titles, including the 1960 championship, when

The 10 Best Full-Length NFL Games on YouTube

Considering Buffalo has never won a Super Bowl (and entering the 2016 season, it hasn’t been to the playoffs since 1999), this might be the most uplifting contest in franchise history.

These 13 NFL Franchises Have Never Won a Super Bowl Title

Not only have the Lions never won a Super Bowl title, they also happen to be one of the four NFL teams that have never even played in a Super Bowl. They weren’t always a pedestrian franchise, though. Prior to the AFL–NFL merger, the Lions were actually one of the most successful franchises...

Nearly half the league still hasn’t won a Super Bowl - ProFootballTalk

Ten franchises have accounted for 63 of the 100 Super Bowl appearances, and 39 of the 50 Super Bowl wins

Which NFL Team Should Brits Root For? - Anglophenia - BBC America

Not only have the Cards never won a Super Bowl, they haven’t reached playoffs since 2009.

Which NFL Team Has Won The Most Super Bowls?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most Super Bowls in NFL history, with a total of six.

Super Bowl XLI: Indianapolis Colts Defeat Chicago Bears 29-17

The Colts franchise has played in four Super Bowls, and this week we're taking a trip down memory lane to look at each of them.

Ranking Every NFL Team by Historical Winning Percentage

Between Unitas and Manning, the franchise has won two Super Bowls.

Which NFL fan bases are still suffering? - Sports on Earth

The Washington Football Team has won a Super Bowl more recently than the Chicago Bears have … but, frankly, I don't think the pain the two franchises' most

Top 5 NFL Franchises With Most Super Bowl Appearances

Let’s see which franchises have reached the Super Bowl most. 5) San Francisco 49ers – 6 times (Record: 5-1) – Niners are one of the most storied franchises in the NFL history. Joe Montana is arguably the best quarterback that has ever played the game and has won four rings with the Niners.

The Best American Football Teams - WorldAtlas.com

At present, the AFC/AFL has had 25 wins while the NFC/NFL leads with 26 wins in the Super Bowl. There have been 19 franchises which

NFL Worst Week: Worst loss for each AFC franchise - SI.com

Denver won two Super Bowls in the next two seasons, a feat made all the more impressive by the fact that this loss was such a psychological hit.

The NFL Franchises with the Most Super Bowls

Since the inception of the NFL, can you tell me what franchise has won the most the Super Bowls?

Super Bowl 2013

Presently representing the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL), the San Francisco 49ers was established in 1946. If they win this time, it will be their sixth triumph, and they will tie with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most Super Bowl wins. The 49ers have...

The 10 Longest Active Super Bowl Championship Droughts in NFL...

The Chiefs did not win another playoff game after Super Bowl IV until 1991, and have only won three in total since then.

Culture in NFL History - The Super Bowl of Advertising

The Packers' blowout 33-14 victory capped a remarkable period of Green Bay dominance; in addition to winning the first two Super Bowls, Lombardi's men had won NFL titles in 1961, '62, and '65.

Dallas Cowboys: Bob Sturm's NFL franchise rankings... - SportsDay

So after Super Bowl 50, here are the Sturm NFL Franchise Rankings, Version 15

Ranking All 32 NFL Franchises In Order of Greatness - Page 9

They are, or should I say will be, the only franchise with three Hall of Fame, Super Bowl winning, AP MVP quarterbacks. Don’t forget about Arnie Herber, a Packers quarterback from the 1930s who has a bust in Canton, too.

Thorp Trophy preceded Super Bowl-era Lombardi Trophy

Among other franchises that have won at least four NFL championships, only Washington (Ray Flaherty, Joe Gibbs) and the New York Giants (Steve Owen, Bill Parcells) have two coaches in the Hall.

Which NFL Franchises Have Been Most and Least... - The Big Lead

Before that, Pittsburgh was the worst franchise in the NFL, and had 16 different head coaches. Is it a case of stability leading to success, or success leading to stability at the coaching

London could host the Super Bowl from 2022 once an NFL franchise...

America’s most iconic sports event, the Super Bowl, could be staged outside the US for the first time once a London NFL franchise is up and running.

Teams That Missed the Playoffs After Winning the Super Bowl

Following their Super Bowl win over the Philadelphia Eagles, the Raiders produced a poor product, their offense ranking near the bottom of the NFL, including 26th in

What NFL Team Is Called the Streakers - Asdnyi

The franchise subsequently won four additional playoff games, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2007 Divisional Round, the Arizona Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings in the 2009 Divisional Round and NFC

Which NFL playoff team’s fans deserve a Super Bowl the most?

(Correction: The post originally stated that the Cardinals franchise hasn’t won a Super Bowl since 1947. That should have read “NFL Championship.”)

NFL Franchises That Have Never Won Super Bowl

With a win Sunday against the Patriots, the Atlanta Falcons can remove themselves from the list of 13 NFL franchises that has never won the Super Bowl.

NFL teams that have never won the Super bowl: Bills among 13

The Seattle Seahawks are now owners of a Lombardi Trophy, meaning that there are now only 13 teams in the NFL that have not yet won a Super Bowl.

The Ultimate NFL Quiz

How many Super Bowl wins do these teams have COMBINED? Steelers Broncos Giants Redskins.

Super Bowl LI: Patriots vs. Falcons - WTKR.com

...his NFL-record seventh career Super Bowl start, is tied with Pro Football Hall of Famers Bradshaw and Joe Montana for the most Super Bowl wins by a

Missed Opportunities - Daily Norseman

Still, the dominant fashion in which they won Super Bowl XX still makes it hard for me to say this is one of the biggest missed opportunities a franchise has had, especially when they were playing in the same era as the Joe Montana led San

List of Super Bowl champions explained - Winning team

The Pittsburgh Steelers (6–2) have won the most Super Bowls with six championships, while

Bill Belichick, Tom Brady heading to NFL record seventh Super Bowl...

And they made the New England Patriots the NFL’s first franchise to play in nine Super Bowls with a 36-17 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night in the AFC championship game.

Which NFL Teams Haven’t Won A Super Bowl - Have a Question?

The Super Bowl began in 1967 as part of the merger agreement between the National Football League (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL).

Greatest Player In The History Of Each NFL Franchise

In 2000, they made the playoffs for the first time after going 12-4. The Ravens had one of the most dominating defenses in NFL history which was led by Lewis.

Ranked: Most (and Least) Expensive Stadiums for NFL Fans to Watch...

Since that year, the New Orleans Saints have appeared in five NFL playoffs, winning their first Super Bowl in 2010.

What football team has won the most super bowls

Which NFL team won the first two Super Bowls? www.espn.com/nfl/superbowl/history/winners Super Bowl Winners and Results - Super Bowl History - National ... What team has played in the most Super Bowls? Nineteen different franchises, including teams that relocated to another city...

Which team will win Super Bowl 50 against the spread?

It is amazing how things have changed for these franchises since, with the Broncos navigating Manning’s twilight years to a Super Bowl loss, division titles every season

Super Bowl Tickets - Super Bowl Tickets For Sale

The first Super Bowl was played in 1967 and the game grew in prominence after the 1970 merger between the NFL and the AFL.

51 facts and notes about Super Bowl LI

They are one of six franchises to win at least four Super Bowls. >> read: will collins win defensive award?

Which Teams Have the Most Super Bowl ____s? - NFL RUSH

Do you know which team has the most Super Bowl losses? It's a tie between the Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills, who all have four losses each.

Most Super Bowl Wins

These are the Top 9 NFL Franchises With The Most Super Bowl Wins listed from #9 to #1.

Super Bowl Trophy 2017: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Since 1967, every NFL season has ended with a team receiving a trophy after winning the Super Bowl.

Picture suggestion for Super Bowl Xlix Torrent

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won six Super Bowls, the most of any team; the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers have five victories each, while the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants have four Super Bowl championships. Thirteen other NFL franchises have won at...

Putting Patriots’ Ninth Super Bowl Appearance Into Historical Context

No other franchise has played in more than four during that span. Kraft also has more Super Bowl appearances than any other owner in the Super Bowl

Examining the fact that no NFL coach has won a Super Bowl with two...

To begin, the reality is that there haven't been that many chances for it to happen. Only 30 people in the history of mankind have won a Super Bowl as an NFL head coach.

Super_Bowl_III : definition of Super_Bowl_III and synonyms of...

He was hired by New York's AFL franchise, which had just changed its name from Titans to Jets.

Super Bowl ranks: Sporting News counts down all XLIX - ahem, 49...

They joined the mid-1990s Dallas Cowboys as the only franchises to win three Super Bowls in four years. (Albert Dickson/Sporting News).

How Madden Got So Good at Predicting Super Bowl Winners - WIRED

Let's take Super Bowl XLIX, for instance. In that game, the New England Patriots faced off against

Super Bowl Indicator and Equity Markets - NFL Teams

He simply observed that for the first 11 Super Bowls, “…whenever an old NFL team won the Super Bowl in January, the stock market rose during the next 11 months and

10 Worst Teams to Ever Play in a Super Bowl - NFL Articles

However, that has not always been the case for the NFL’s biggest game. As these teams can attest, just because you are playing on Super Sunday

NFL Super Bowl XLIV Tickets

It is Pittsburgh Steelers teams which won more Super Bowls than any others. They credit six victories in their graph. Of the 32 NFL teams, seventeen have won at least a single Super Bowl. Among the 32, 5 NFL franchises have not appeared in the Super Bowl.

Most Super Bowl rings by a player, compiled by expert NFL...

So, his five titles stand alone as the most Super Bowl rings by a player. But he could have company as soon as this year.

NFL Tickets - Super Bowl History

Nearly every pro-football franchise has huge waiting lists for season tickets, making a site like TicketNetwork crucial. It's here that you will find tickets to every game on the NFL schedule from preseason to week one to the

Super Bowl 50: Cam Newton by the numbers - Heisman... - AL.com

He's reached those totals in every season of his NFL career and has the most such seasons in NFL history.

Super Bowl 2010s Trivia Questions & Answers - Super Bowl

The Steelers had played in more Super Bowls than any other franchise, winning six times in eight appearances.

The 10 Biggest Winners And Losers Of Super Bowl 49

The Pats emerged victorious 28-24 and became the sixth NFL franchise to win at least four Super Bowls.

Super Bowl XLIX by the numbers: 49 facts you may not know

48: The most Super Bowl points scored in a career, Jerry Rice. 47: The number of concession stands at this year’s venue, University of Phoenix Stadium.

Largest Crowd - 50 Super Bowl Facts - AskMen

The Steelers may have the most Super Bowl wins with six. But thanks to Howley, Martin and White, the Cowboys can say they’re the only NFL team with seven Super Bowl MVPs, even though the franchise only has five rings.

Economics of the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the most unique of all special events. Extensive studies by host cities, independent organizations and the

2017 NFL Superbowl 51 Predictions - Early Superbowl Probabilities

He set a franchise record in the AFC title game with 384 yards and three touchdowns in a win over Pittsburgh. Ryan has been just as good, if

Top 20 free-agent signings in NFL history - NFL.com

Rice was in the twilight of his glorious career, but still posted two more 1,000-yard receiving seasons to add to his NFL-record 14 such seasons.

New England Patriots beat Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl... - CBS News

Brady, winning Super Bowl MVP for a record fourth time, finished 43 for 62, the most attempts in Super Bowl history, for 466 yards

Kraft gives Patriots biggest Super Bowl rings ever - CSNNE.com

He was the backup to Joe Namath when the Jets won the Super Bowl in 1969.

Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots advance to Super Bowl LI

Led by a four-touchdown passing performance by Matt Ryan, the Falcons ended their tenure in this stadium with their biggest home win in franchise

Does Defense Really Win... - Freakonomics Freakonomics

We further found that among the 45 NFL Super Bowls, the better defensive team — measured by points allowed that season— has won 29 times.

The Ultimate Super Bowl Book – A Complete Reference to the Stats...

Super Bowl MVP Jerry Rice has compiled his list of the most iconic, strategic, and record-breaking

NFL Betting Odds - Super Bowl Betting - American Football... - bwin

The NFL is the richest professional sports league in the world, its teams are among the most recognisable sports franchises.

List of NFL champions

List of NFL teams with multiple 1000 yard rushers — Six teams in National Football League (NFL) history have had more than one player rush for at

Detroit Lions: The Best 30 Draft Picks in Franchise History

One playoff win in the Super Bowl era is far and away the worst of any franchise.

28 Completely Crazy Super Bowl Facts Unveiled - RealClear

14. One More Weird Fact About Super Bowl I. Today, cities have years to prepare host a Super Bowl game.

Three Colts Leaders Named To 'Best Coaches In NFL History' List

Intro: The Colts franchise has had some of the best coaches of all-time over the years, three of whom were

Super Bowl Trivia Questions and Interesting Facts - InfoBarrel

Which team has had the most wins? Answer: The Pittsburgh Steelers has won the Super Bowl 6 times.

Super Bowl Bonus: How Much Money Do Players Get for Winning?

Here's How Much Money Every Member of the Broncos Got for Winning the Super Bowl.

The NFL would never let this air during the Super Bowl, but...

The NFL would never let this air during the Super Bowl, but it's important to watch. Advertisement.

06. Which player has won the most Super Bowls?

12. Which two players have won the Super Bowl MVP award three times?

super bowl score history - Yahoo Search Results

The New Orleans Saints won the first NFL title in franchise history at Super Bowl XLIV, beating the ...

Check Out Super Bowl XLVII Jerseys

The Ravens also wore the white jerseys when they won the Lombardi Trophy in 2001, the only other time the franchise has played in a Super Bowl.

Super Bowl ring - Wikipedia

Others illustrate the number of Super Bowls that franchise has won.