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Key Facts About the LLM Degree

The LLM Degree is an advanced law certification that has global credibility.

What is an LL.M.? - LLM GUIDE

The LL.M. (Master of Laws) is an internationally recognized postgraduate law degree. It is usually obtained by completing a one-year full-time program.

Best Master of Laws Degrees (LLM) Programs in 2017

An LLM, or Master of Laws, is the academic degree awarded after completing advanced and specialized research in a particular area of law. An LLM can only be pursued after obtaining a professional law degree, however an LLM is usually not required to practice law.

Master of Laws (LLM Degrees) - Top Universities

Master of Laws (LLM) specializations. It’s an exciting time for students undertaking graduate law degrees, as contemporary technological developments continue to drive shifts in legislation, disrupting traditional legal models and opening up new fields of expertise.

What is an LLM Degree? Why Should I get a Master of Laws?

The Master of Laws degree (or Masters in Law degree, LL.M. degree), more commonly known as the LL.M., is an advanced graduate law degree.

The Complete Guide To LLM Degree - MastersDegree.net

The Masters Degree in Law gives students an advantage in getting hired from law firms since it sends a message that they are specialized. Many law firms actually seek to hire candidates who have an LLM degree because there is an advantage to the expert knowledge.

LSE - London School of Economics - Department of Law - LLM Master...

7. Can I apply if I do not have a law degree? 8. What is a law conversion course? 9. What is the English language requirement?

Postgraduate law: what can an LLM degree do for you? - LLMStudy.com

LLM Overview: What is a Master of Laws Program? LLM Guide: Top 10 Reasons For Doing an LLM Program. Postgraduate Law Qualifications.

LLM - School of Law

What are the entry requirements? Admission is based solely on academic merit. The usual qualification for entry to the LLM programme is a degree in law, or a degree with a substantial law content, normally of at least upper-second class honours (or equivalent).

What is the point of the LLM degree? - Quora

We know JD is an employable field (law)..what's LLM for? It seems to me its just a degree just for the sake of it, and it's not as employable as a JD? Can you still be a practicing lawyer with an LLM degree?

LLM degrees - Prospects.ac.uk

The LLM is an advanced academic degree allowing you to explore a selection of legal issues in more depth.

Master of Laws (LLM) Degree

Emory’s Master of Laws (LLM) is a highly customizable 24-credit-hour program designed for individuals with a first degree in law who are seeking to build upon their legal background for professional and scholarly advancement.

LLM Online Masters Degree in Law

Find out about the two new online Master of Laws degrees, the LLM in Legal Practice (Conflict Resolution) and LLM in Legal Practice (Intellectual Property).

About the Master of Laws Degree (LLM)

Other masters degree in law programs, such as the Master of Laws (LLM degree) may be designed for attorneys who seek further specialization within their profession. What Are Master of Legal Studies MLS, MSL, & LLM Degree Programs?

Tulane Law School Academics

Five different Master of Laws (LLM) degree programs are offered, and lawyers from throughout the world enroll in Tulane's LLM programs. Tulane also offers the Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) to individuals who have completed an LLM degree.

Law school - what is the LLM degree?

The Church has its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has membership in countries all over the world. What is the LLM degree? The Law School offers a two-semester (eight-month) LLM program for foreign lawyers leading to a master’s degree in comparative American law.

What is an LLM? - Magoosh LSAT Blog

While researching your law school options in pursuit of a Juris Doctor Degree, you might have seen the “LLMdegree mentioned. While simply earning a J.D. is more common, it is important to know your options for your legal education. So, what is an LLM?

LLB, JD or LLM? Choosing a law degree - Student World Online

The Master of Laws (LLM) is a postgraduate degree, which can be taken after the LLB or Juris Doctor.

Master of Laws (LL.M.) Degree in U.S. Law - @WashULaw

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) in U.S. Law is an online degree program designed for international lawyers seeking a fundamental understanding of the United States common law legal system.

LLM Guide - 31 Washington University School of Law

Given the complexity of today’s legal profession, growing numbers of law students have found the LLM degree more important in their lifelong quest for education. For some the LLM provides entry into a specialized field; for others it offers a general program of study.

LLM in Islamic Law at SOAS University of London

LLM in Islamic Law. duration: One calendar year (full-time) Two, three or four years (part-time, daytime only) We recommend that part-time students have between two-and-a-half and three days a week free to pursue their course of study.

Online Law Degree, What Can You Do With A Law Degree

A:If you are interested in earning a law degree, there are a number of accredited schools that offer online law degrees. Whether you are seeking to earn a Juris Doctorate (JD) or a Masters of Law (LLM), there are online options that may suit you.

LLM Degree - Home - A Primer On The Top Online Law Degrees

A Masters in Law, or LLM, is a rare degree but it is not entirely unknown.

LLM - Master of Laws in Cross-Cultural Business Practice

The LLM program in International Business Law was designed to meet the demands of experienced lawyers and recent law graduates of proven ability. The program is also open to university graduates with degrees in disciplines other than law whose professional experience has prepared them for the...

The Master of Laws (LLM) degree - A guide from FindAMasters.com

What are the entry requirements for an LLM? Most candidates applying for an LLM will have an existing Law degree. This could be an LLB (Bachelor of Laws) or a postgraduate Law conversion course such as a CPE or GDL.

About the LL.M. Degree Program — Georgetown Law

What is an LL.M.? The LL.M. (Master of Laws) is a degree in law for individuals who have already received a first degree in law (either the J.D. in the United States, or the equivalent from another country).

Tax Analysts -- How Valuable Is a Tax LLM? It Depends

People who don't fit into one of those groups may be wasting money if they pursue an LLM degree, he said. "In addition to the out-of-pocket cost, there's a huge opportunity cost if you would otherwise have a job," Lokey said. "I would prefer to have somebody who's had four or five tax courses in law school...

LLM Program – University of Illinois College of Law

Although a bachelor’s degree in law is not required for admission to the Illinois LLM program, applicants without a bachelor’s in law should be aware that they may not qualify to take a bar examination in the United States, even after completing the Illinois LLM.

Applying for a Master of Law Degree - LLM Personal Statement

What Does the LLM Law School Stand for? LLM is from the word Legum Magister, which pertains or means Master of Laws (Latin). But maybe you’re asking, “What is the difference between LLM and JD? The LLM degree equates to global credibility; the JD career refers to practice law in the US.

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UC College of Law LLM. The LLM program is designed to introduce internationally trained lawyers to the US legal system while also giving each student an.

Distance Learning Llm Programs Uk download

To receive a specialist LLM Law degree, you must obtain 6. To find the list of core modules please select the area of specialism from the list at the bottom of this page.

Top Online LLM Programs in Intellectual Property Law 2017

An online LLM usually takes place in virtual classrooms, but some universities may require students to attend an in-person class or two. This advanced law degree can take one to two years to complete. What is an online LLM in Intellectual Property Law?

Masters in Law (LL.M.) Online Degree Programs

Usually lawyers are not required to hold a LLM degree. In addition, an LLM degree doesn’t qualify someone to practice law. Therefore students must first obtain a professional degree in law, such as the Juris Doctor (JD) degree, before the LLM program.

Is the LLM worth it? - AllAboutCareers - What Degree Should I Do?

It all comes down to answering the simple, yet difficult, question of: “What is it that I want to get from LLM or why do I want to do it?”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - NYU School of Law

Can I apply to more than one NYU School of Law Graduate degree program simultaneously? Can I work while enrolled in a full-time Graduate program? How many credits may I take as a part-time student? If I enter a part-time LLM program may I transfer to full-time status?

LLM - Postgraduate Laws - University of London International...

Flexible: You can take between one and five years to complete our LLM and choose a financial commitment that suits your needs. Wide-ranging: We offer a general postgraduate laws degree and over 30 specialisations.

Master of Laws (LLM) : Melbourne Law School - Masters degrees

Melbourne Law School’s Master of Laws (LLM) is a graduate degree in law of the highest quality, with one of the largest subject ranges in the world. More than 175 subjects are offered in 2017. Students enrolled in the LLM can choose from all subjects available in the Melbourne Law Masters...

What Is Llm :: VideoLike - Berkeley Law LLM Degree Program

Llb, jd or llm? choosing a law degree . Student world online studentworldonline article llb jd or ...

LL.M. Degree Program : University of Dayton, Ohio

All candidates for the LL.M. degree are required to have a first degree in law from an ABA-accredited U.S. law school or from a foreign university authorized to confer such a degree by the government of the country in which it is located.

Opportunities sparse for US LLM degree holders - Livemint

Legally India Law Education Lawyer Advocate Judge. Opportunities sparse for US LLM degree holders.

Full Form of LLM - Full Form Directory

The Master of Laws is an internationally recognized postgraduate law degree offered in most common law countries. The Minimum requirement for getting admitted to LLM Degree is that, the candidate must have a Bachelors degree in laws for ex.

Using a Foreign Law Degree in the United States

The most important thing to remember if you are thinking of practicing law in the United States with a foreign law degree is that each state has different


With regard to the firm's practice, this is an opportunity for you to demonstrate that you are an informed lawyer.

What Does LLM Mean? - Blog - LLMInfo.com

What is an LLM? An LLM is a one-year legal degree offered by a law school that is usually obtained in addition to other prior degrees (such as a J.D. or bachelor’s degree).

FAQs: The Application Process - LLM / MSc - Postgraduate

The minimum basic admission requirement for taught postgraduate degrees is an Upper Second Class (2:1) honours degree (or better), or its international equivalent, in law or humanities.

LLM Degree examination, dec. – 2017

Q5) Explain the general defenses applicable to all torts, with special reference to ‘Statutory Authority’ and ‘Necessity’. (D1251TCL) ASSIGNMENT-2 LLM degree examination, dec. – 2017. Second Year TORTS & CRIMES Law of Negligence and Damages MAXIMUM MARKS...

Intellectual Property LL.M - LLM Degrees

All candidates must hold a J.D. degree from a law school that is approved by the Section of Legal Education of the American Bar Association or the foreign equivalent from a school of law. We seek candidates for the LLM program from among attorneys already practicing IP law who wish to increase...

Apply to Richmond Law International Programs - School of Law...

LLM for International Lawyers. Richmond Law's LLM is a one-year, full-time, master's level law program for lawyers whose first degree in law is from outside the United States.

Graduate Programs in Law (LLM, PhD)... - Dalhousie University

The Graduate Seminar on Legal Education and Legal Scholarship (LAWS 3000) is a required class for LLM students and is open to, and may be required for PhD students.

LLM Master of Laws - Postgraduate Study - University of Exeter

The LLM Master of Laws is an ideal preparation for a career in a number of fields, with specialist options such as LLM International Commercial law and

LLM in International Law - Brussels School of International Studies...

Thus, a focused programme of study can be constructed of studying international law in the context of International Relations, Conflict and Security, and others, leading to the award of a LLM degree in, for example, International Law with EU External Relations.

Law and Economics - Masters - Universiteit Utrecht

As a graduate of this programme, you will be uniquely prepared to bridge what is a common gap...

Can a person having having distance LLM degree join a law college as...

What is the fee structure followed for National Level LLM course? Is LLM and masters in law given the same preference?

LLM Programs in the UK - alternatifecs.com

(The Master of Laws is an advanced law degree that allows someone to specialize in a particular area of law.

LLM Degrees - Osgoode Hall Law School

Students also have the choice of completing the LLM (research) degree by writing a Major Research Paper (MRP).

Master of Laws

The Master of Laws is an advanced law degree that allows someone to specialize in a particular area of law. It is commonly abbreviated LL.M. (also LLM or LL.M) from its Latin name, Legum Magister.

What does LLM stand for after a lawyer's name

LLM stands for Masters in the Letters of Law. It is a degree obtained after completing the JD.

Frequently Asked Questions about pursuing Law Education

Learning Law and Being an Advocate/How do I become a Lawyer/Advocate You can pursue various Law degrees such as BGL or Diploma in Cyber Crime, IPR.

Master of Laws (LL.M.) - Pericles Center for International Legal...

The Pericles LL.M. is a post-graduate degree in law designed to help future lawyers increase their legal knowledge, skills, and job perspectives after graduation.


ABOUT LLM. LL.M. means Master in Law. It is an advanced course pursued after completion of bachelors in law.

International Tax - Course intake 360 overall for the LLM (FT and PT)

Applicants fulfilling both the requirements contained in paragraph (2) may therefore apply to the LLM in International Tax even though they do not hold a first degree in law (or a degree with at least 70% law content) as would otherwise be required under paragraph (1) above.

Executive LLM Program

Julian Hodda is an Australian trained lawyer and graduated from the Executive LLM in 2015.

2017 Human Rights LLM Fellowship Program, USA

Applicants from all over the world can apply for this LLM Fellowship Program. The Fellowship is designed to support students pursuing an LL.M. degree at Columbia who show exceptional

Tax Law Program

Take Y o u r Ne x t Step - Certificate in Taxation for JD students - Master of Laws (LLM) degree in tax law. Su per i o r e d u ca t i o n Learn with accomplished full-time and part-time faculty who are recognized experts in the tax field.


In the US, where all law degrees are graduate-level, LLM students often share many of their classes with students taking their first law degree, the JD. There are pros and cons to each model, says Roberto Aguirre Luzi, partner at King & Spalding in Houston.

THIRD TIER REALITY: LLM Programs are “Popular” Due to...

The University of Arkansas School of Law offers the only advanced legal degree program in agricultural & food law in the United States, with a curriculum specializing in the law of food and agriculture.” A Food Law LLM will certainly lead to gainful employment, in a big-ass firm or agency, right?!?!


The University of Strathclyde in Scotland will accept students into their LLM in Information Technology and Telecommunications Law if you have some relevant experience in the field. Otherwise a law degree is recommended.

Law Degrees - IE Law School - IE.edu - LLM PART-TIME

Find the right program that best suits your needs from the various degrees, masters and executive education programs offered at IE Law School.

LI-Mint: US job market remains in dumps; 92% of Indian LLM grads...

Research conducted by 2011 Columbia postgraduate Rohan Kaul of Indians studying for a master’s degree in law in the US reveals that there

5 Online Masters in Master of Laws (LLM) by universities in United...

The LLM in U.S. and Global Business Law is a unique opportunity to acquire a master's degree in law without devoting a full year to obtaining it, taking extended time off work, or paying for the cost of living and tuition in the United States.

Sample Personal Statement for International & Comparative Law

It is still this ideal that motivates me in my current application for an advanced degree program in International and Comparative Law (LLM).

RT Student Members of Leiden University LLM Programmes

Daria obtained her bachelor’s degree in Law from “M.V. Lomonosov” State University in Moscow in 2012.

LLM [Law Conversion]

The LLM is a Master’s level programme that requires commitment in order to succeed.

post-doctorate degree

It is therefore curious that AFTER receiving a Juris DOCTOR, the next, POST-DOCTORATE degree is a LLM which is actually a Masters in Law Letters...

Best Masters Degrees & Masters Programs 2017

LLM is a Master of Laws degree recognized throughout the world. The degree usually takes about a year to complete and studies are focused in one area of law such as environmental law or international law.

Faculty of law

Students enter this stream after having completed a bachelor’s degree without law subjects. Students who have done a full degree in another discipline will

Find Masters Worldwide: all MBA, MSc., MA, LLM... - MastersPortal.eu

Find and compare M.Sc., M.A., MBA, LLM and other Master's Degrees and Postgraduate Studies (Diplomas, Certificates) from top universities

School of Law and Criminology

...Master’s degree courses, including the LLM in Banking and Finance Law, the LLM in International Business and Commercial Law, and the LLM in

Careers with a Law - Options with your degree

BCL Degree recipients of 2000. Employment 35%. Further Studies. 61%. Other 4%. Sample Law Graduate Employment destinations.

Pete's LLM - All LLM, all the time.

I had planned to have the LLM done by now, but appendicitis kind of put paid to that. I’ve also taken a bit more time on refining the thesis after the viva.

LL.M. in Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law - Nebraska...

Dennis Kamph, LLM, 2016 Attorney-Investigator, Department of Justice. Dennis J. Kamph received his Bachelor of Art's degree in Criminal Justice

Magister Juris (MJur) - Oxford Law Faculty - Why not an LLM?

In the absence of an undergraduate degree in law, candidates may be admitted with a postgraduate diploma or master’s qualification in law at distinction level.

Degree of master of laws (LLM) degree of doctor of...

Postgraduate study and research in law. Admission requirements. MASTER OF LAWS (LLM) DEGREE BY EXAMINATION Applications for the taught LLM Degrees will be considered from those who

Surviving an LLM in Spain – Part V - The Student Lawyer

Naomi Barnes graduated with a strong upper second-class law degree from Birmingham City University.

Best Online Master's in Law - 2015's Best - Degree Finder

Lawyers who acquire a Master’s in Laws, or a LLM, will see their careers advance and their knowledge of a specific discipline in U.S. law expand. To enroll in a LLM program, students must already possess a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree, according to LSAC.org.

Master of Law (LLM) in Business

The School of Law is once again offering its two year part time, one year full time taught postgraduate degree in Business and Commercial Law.

What's the route to become a lawyer in the US with an English Law...

Or would it be best to start a new course in the US? If so, what are these course/s and what do they entail?

JD: Basic American law degree required to practice law LLM...

Master of Laws (LL.M) - The LLM serves as a secondary degree for lawyers who have achieved their JD and passed the bar exam, and who are interested in a focused, specialized course of study in a specific topic of law.

General LLM - Suffolk University - Rule I. Degree Requirements

LLM Program Requirements. The LLM curriculum is primarily elective in nature. Students should meet with the Director of Graduate Law Programs to

Online Masters Programs from Top Ranked Universities - 2U

Each accredited online degree program features live face-to-face classes, real-world learning experiences and a rigorous curriculum designed and delivered by university faculty.

School of Law : International Human Rights - LLM - 2017/18 Entry

This course is a conversion LLM – you don’t need a degree in Law to be eligible to study it. The course covers transnational jurisdictions, so it is international in scope. The course has flexible delivery methods to suit your location and when you are able to study.