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What does PCBU stand for?

What does PCBU mean? This page is about the various possible meanings of the acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term: PCBU.

Interpretive guideline—model work health and safety act

The WHS Act places the primary duty of care and various other duties and obligations on a ‘person conducting a business or undertaking’ (PCBU).

Work Health and Safety Act - 3.3.1 PCBU Primary Duty of Care

However, the Qld WHS Act, like the Model WHS Bill, does not intend to operate in public health and safety contexts not related to work.

WHS issues affecting nurses and midwives...

Reasonably practicable is the standard for the PCBU. It means that the PCBU takes reasonable steps to effectively manage WHS issues.

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Right of entry by work health and safety

Note: The WHS Act does not require that the EPH comply with any request by the relevant PCBU to hold the discussion with relevant workers in a particular room or area, or to take a particular route to reach that room or area. However, as noted on page 2...

PCBU - What does PCBU Stand For?

Looking for the definition of PCBU? What does PCBU stand for?

FACT SHEET 1: WHS Harmonisation - Officer of a PCBU

The WHS Act refers to a requirement to utilise the default procedure prescribed in the WHS Regulations where a PCBU/s does not have a written agreed procedure for issue resolution.

Australian Museum

• The dissemination of WHS information to all workers, PCBU’s and others at the workplace.


WHS Act Health and S ‘Reasonably practicable’ is based on: Likelihood of the ha Where would you find information to assist in doing what would be considered to be ‘reasonably practicable?

WHS Act Guide

Suspected contraventions of WHS Act The WHS Act does not require a permit holder to provide prior notice before entering a workplace for the purposes of investigating a suspected contravention of the WHS Act.

Cert IV OHS - WHS Responsibilities and Legislative RequirementsLMIT

– cooperate with the PCBU’s reasonable policies or procedures for health and safety. The worker’s duty does not stand alone.

PPT – Work Health and Safety PowerPoint presentation

A PCBU does not need to employ workers. Worker - includes employees, contractors, volunteers, apprentices, outworkers, trainees and work experience persons.

What WHS Act says PCBUs must do

What is different in WHS Act about Consultation. Much broader duties for PCBUs to consult with other duty holders, and workers, including those likely to be affected by their business or undertaking.

1. Text link: PCBU - What does PCBU stand for? The Free Dictionary

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Sporting clubs guide to a safe workplace - PCBUs and WHS laws

Under WHS laws, a PCBU has responsibilities and a legal ‘duty of care’ to workers (paid and voluntary), to protect the health and safety of people affected by the activities of the club.

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Guide whs act 2011 - How do I notify?

The WHS Act imposes other duties on PCBUs and other persons in relation to workers and workplaces.

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Area of particular interest to human resources managers

What does consultation involve under the WHS laws? The WHS laws set out consultation obligations on PCBUs. A PCBU has an obligation to consult with ‘workers’, any health and safety representatives of those workers and other persons who have a duty in relation to the same matter.

Instruction and guideline

comply, so far as the worker is reasonably able, with any reasonable instruction given by a PCBU or undertaking to allow the PCBU to comply with the WHS Act, and.

Guide to the model - Purpose of the WHS Act (section 3)

A ‘volunteer association’ that does not employ anyone is not a PCBU. If it becomes an employer it also becomes a PCBU for purposes of the WHS Act.

HEALTH & SAFETY - WHS Responsibilities

Other PCBUs which the University may come in contact with, including tenants. WHS Responsibilities.

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WHS Consultation and Training Requirements in Australian Law

PIN is a Provision Improvement Notice that is a written notice provided by a WHS trained person to the PCBU describing a breach of the WHS Act. Workplace refers to where the physical work is actually done for the employer. WHS entry permit holder is a union representative that represents a group of...

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PCBU stands for Personal Connectivity Business Unit. This definition appears very rarely. Other Resources: Acronym Finder has 5 verified definitions for PCBU.

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Volunteers and the

The main health and safety duty under the model WHS Act is owed by a ‘person conducting a business or undertaking’ (PCBU).

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Work Health and - Recommendations Amend the WHS regulations to

The model WHS regulations do not include a number of requirements that are currently included in the OSH regulations.

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Sub-heading safety laws

Why Harmonise WHS Laws. • Business Regulatory Reform • Greater clarity and simplicity for all parties • Reduced costs for interstate businesses

Term paper

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PCBU `person conducting a business or undertaking

WHS Regulation Training Package Overview of Modules. Lesson 8: Responsibility and Irresponsibility - CHSVocab10-3. Green & Affordable Housing Renovations: Effects on.

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