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The high productivity of American agriculture is exemplified by...

You are right, i confused the letters here, just two letters wrong, and it changes the whole meaning! So if the amount of crops per farmer is low -option a) that would be low productivity, and if it's high, option b), then it's high productivity.

the high productivity of american agriculture is exemplified by

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The best way to see the productivity is the see the amount of crops produced per unit of land or per farmer - the correct answer is a. b would be a sign of the opposite situation, a low productivity. C and D could be indicative of other factors, such as population density.

Agriculture and biology journal of north america

Sustainable agriculture seeks to at least use nature as the model for designing agricultural systems.

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The first two decades of the 20th century turned out to be the golden age of American agriculture. Farm prices were high as demand for goods increased and land values rose. Technical advances continued to improve productivity.

Productivity Constraints in African

Abstract The paper begins by reviewing briefly some common diagnoses of productivity constraints in African Agriculture.

Smallholder Agriculture in East

Agricultural productivity is one of the key determinants of high and sustained agricultural growth, and in

Agricultural Productivity Growth, Efficiency Change

(1991) and Stern (1989) show that countries with high levels of productivity growth and only modest discrimination towards the agricultural sectors were successful industrializers. Meanwhile, countries with low levels of productivity growth and a strong bias against agriculture through trade and pricing...

Change and Technical

The results show that among developing regions, Latin America and the Caribbean shows the highest agricultural productivity growth.

United States Economy - Agriculture

Large capital investments and increasing use of highly trained labor also have contributed to the success of American agriculture.

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This is exemplified by the poultry and swine industries, where vertical integration has allowed for specialization and improved

Agricultural Output and Productivity in the Former

The productivity of Soviet agriculture was comparatively low, but input use was on a par with

Agricultural Productivity and Economic Growth

Does investing in the agriculture sector have higher degree of relevance in accelerating the overall growth of such economies beyond increasing agricultural productivity?

Productivity Concepts and Measures - organization, levels, system...

Concern was especially great in the area of manufacturing; a significant portion of American productivity could be attributed to high agricultural productivity, whereas manufacturing tended to be lower. Productivity in services lagged that of both agriculture and manufacturing.

Intensive farming systems: efficiency and innovation for sustainability

However, agriculture in North America has been able to function at a high level of productivity

Benefits for U.S. Agriculture

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) levels the playing field for American workers and American businesses, leading to more Made-in-America exports and more higher-paying American jobs here at home.

High Productivity Agricultural Techniques

High Productivity Agricultural Techniques in Brazil: Barriers and Solutions. Executive Summary. A no-till farming method called the Direct Planting System (DPS) is one of the most important develop-ments in agriculture in the past decades.

Mechanization and Agricultural Productivity Functions in Umuahia...

Human power remain all the time high in Nigeria while engine power remain significantly lower than the Latin America. The current level and practice of agriculture is

The process of agricultural transformation

Although agricultural productivity per worker was nearly always less than the level of national productivity, its faster rise meant that the gap tended to narrow.

Restoring the productivity of marginal soils with organic amendments

On our best agricultural soils, e.g., gently-sloping, medium-textured, well-structured, and deep-profile, a high level of productivity can be maintained by a relatively few, but essential, conservation practices that can

Washington Monthly - The Myth of American Productivity

After all, if the analogy to agriculture holds true, then rising productivity in the manufacturing and distributive sectors should eventually pay off in higher real wages and higher living standards for Americans.

American Agriculture, 1899-1939: A Study of Output, Employment...

Read the full-text online edition of American Agriculture, 1899-1939: A Study of Output, Employment and Productivity (1942).

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Federal support for state agricultural experiment stations began in 1887, providing the basis for scientific improvement of American agriculture.

Agricultural Productivity

CONCLUSION. The gains in agricultural productivity have been a phenomenal success story in American economic history.

American Agriculture: Shrinking but More Productive (VOA Special...)

Agricultural productivity continues to increase because of new technology and methods. But the Agriculture Department estimates that nine percent of farm income last year

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We know that tobacco is grown in North Carolina and corn is grown in Iowa. But it turns out that the geography of American agriculture is much more interesting than I had imagined. After being astonished by the relatively high cost of corn in Kansas City...

American agriculture and immigration reform

By Craig J. Regelbrugge, Senior Director of Government Relations American Nursery & Landscape Association. National Co-chair, Agriculture

Part II - World food and agriculture in review: A focus on productivity

A focus on productivity. The current world food and agricultural situation is characterized by continued high and volatile international food prices and the persistence of hunger and malnutrition in many parts of the world.

Measurement of Agricultural Productivity and Efficiency

By delimiting the areas of low, medium and high productivity, agricultural plans may be formulated to remove and minimize the regional inequalities.

Globalization, structural change and

The average manufactures–agriculture productivity ratio is 2.3 in sub-Saharan Africa, 2.8 in Latin America and 3.9 in Asia.

NAE Website - The Impact of Mechanization on Agriculture

I also describe how the integration of ICT will create opportunities for increasing agricultural-system productivity and influencing productivity beyond the agriculture value chain.

Productivity of yam-cassava based/land-race legumes

Abstract Raising and sustaining the productivity of smallholder tuber based crop mixture is the major problem facing tropical. agriculture.

Wendell Berry on the Industrialization of Agriculture

The industrialization of agriculture includes a high degree of specialization of farms to the production of a single crop or animal; the use of oversized mechanical equipment

Realizing the promise and potential of African agriculture

As a consequence, increasing the agriculture productivity not only effects the food availability, but also stimulates the economy.

Our Chemical-Dependent, Profit-Driven, Industrial Ag Complex is Not...

The agricultural establishment has essentially abandoned their earlier strategy for demanding that regulation of industrial agriculture be based on “sound science.”

Organic Agriculture - Increased productivity in developing countries

Practitioners of organic agriculture can enhance efficiency and increase productivity, but this

The tightening conflict: population, energy use, and the ecology of...

However, the higher income of modern farmers has a price: high-technology agricultural

Top Agricultural Producing Countries

Almost every country wants to increase its agricultural productivity, but how they intend to go about that varies greatly with the country or region in question.

Essay on The Future of the American Agricultural Sector - 1450 Words

Furthermore, the productivity of U.S. agriculture is legendary; the value of its agricultural commodities exceeds US$ 191 billion at the farm level (U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2010). What does the future of American agriculture look like?

Productivity and Efficiency

Enhancing productivity in agriculture is important because of its effective contribution to poverty reduction through better food security and higher farm incomes. The central role of agricultural productivity in the economic and social agenda of developing countries was reinforced by the...

Agriculture, Climate, and Technology: Why Are the Tropics Falling...

tropics.1. One would expect that the productivity of agricultural labor in poor tropical countries would be lower whether or not tropical climate or soils had an impact on agriculture.

Employment and training

The case of Mexico exemplifies a general pattern of “productivity” de-industrialization

Soviet Agriculture and

Nonetheless, in the outcome, there was little to choose between Soviet and American agriculture in terms of dynamic efficiency; in both countries, multifactor productivity in agriculture rose yearly by about 2 per cent in the 1950s and 1 per cent in the 1960s.

High-productive and efficient agriculture

High-productive and efficient agriculture: a sustainable approach!? Dr. Aalt A. Dijkhuizen Rabobank & VIV Grand Eve.

Asia’s Economic Transformation

• In general, labor productivity growth due to intersectoral relocation of labor into higher-productivity sectors has been less important than the growth of labor productivity within sectors. • Agriculture’s share of total output has declined significantly...

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Since nineteen twenty-four, American milk production has grown almost one hundred percent. But the number of milk cows has decreased by half.

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This led to high rates of migration from rural areas into the cities, as well as northward to the United States. Mexican agriculture is highly productive in certain regions, especially near the capital and in the northwest.

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Many farmers are replacing migrant laborers with high-tech, high-wage productivity improvements, but President Donald Trump’s new agriculture secretary is reportedly lobbying to boost the food industry’s supply of cheap-labor illegal migrants.

Economic structure and agricultural - Agricultural labour productivity

Agricultural productivity was high in the eighteenth century, and the agricultural sector relatively small.

Agricultural Water - 5.8 Crop water productivity (CWP)

XVI Agricultural water productivity optimization in a water scarce semi-arid region of Ethiopia.

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These increasing levels of productivity have allowed American agriculture to become a powerful player in world agricultural trade.

High-Tech Harvest Machinery To Increase Agricultural Productivity

American agricultural technology more advanced since the 19th century, a lot of machinery and agricultural technology are found.

Why Is Labor Productivity so Low in

In this section, we document that productivity in non–agriculture is higher than in agri-culture in most US states.

Agriculture is a proof of monumental mismanagement in India

By Indian standards of productivity itself, agriculture is highly in-competitive despite massive direct and indirect government supports

Pakissan.com; Agri models for higher productivity

Many new models, machines and methods are being put to use to achieve high agricultural productivity in various Asian countries. When one looks at Thailand's agriculture, there are bumper crops of rice, corn, sugar cane and many kinds of fruits and vegetables.

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Italy had a seed productivity of 3:1 for its poorer lands, and a higher of 15:1, while the mean would be around 5:1/6:1 Roman Egypt had probably a

NBER Working paper series - Economy‐wide Labor Productivity

The average manufactures-agriculture productivity ratio is 2.3 in Africa, 2.8 in Latin America, and 3.9 in Asia.

Productivity, structural change, and Latin

Improvements in non-agricultural productivity between 20% to over 100% would be required for the other Latin American countries in our set to signicantly

Climate Change - Higher-order Regional Impacts from Agriculture

International A.airs, the American University of Beirut or the Carnegie Corporation of New York. .

Guestworker Programs: A Threat to American Agriculture - Center for...

The importation of workers with very low levels of education into a modern, high-tech economy imposes a huge burden on America's taxpayers.

R elationship between changes in agricultural productivity and the

Poverty reduction is the result of growth within agriculture and not to the shift of inputs from low to high productivity sectors, associated with Kuznet’s inverted “U” trajectory of inequality rising then falling in the course of development. Hence growth of agricultural output and...

Agriculture and the Government

High prices during the war encouraged high production and the adoption of new technology, which led to even greater production.

Lenin: 1915/newdev: 12. Different Types of Enterprises in Agriculture

It is that the especially intensive farms have an especially small acreage, especially great employment of hired labour, and especially high productivity of labour; that the economic role of these farms in the nation’s agriculture is two...

Labor Productivity - percentage share of employment in agriculture

• Cross effect—gains in productivity from the expansion of employ-ment shares in high productivity growth firms and the reduction of

Agriculture: More from Less

Indian agriculture, is in a way, a victim of its own past success—especially the green revolution.

Ajith Nivard Cabraal: The role of productivity improvement in achieving

However, in a highly competitive, globalized environment with a limited resource endowment all of these factors would be second to productivity.

Food for Survival - campaigning for sustainable agriculture

However, agriculture is not high on the agenda of media, politicians, financial institutions or many environmental organisations.

Account of Production Function and Productivity of Dates

Department of Agriculture, Payame Noor University, IR of Iran. ARTICLE INFO Article history: Received 20 January 2014 Received in revised form 16 15 April 2014 Accepted 25 April November 2014 Available online 5 May 2014. Keywords: Dates, productivity, function, high production...

Water use efficiency in agriculture

For the high productivity fields, balanced use of fertilizers should be encouraged to ensure sustainable productivity in the intensive cropping system as its

Agriculture and sustainable development in the

A brief overview of the development of agriculture in the Netherlands is presented in Annex 1. 2.2 Environmental and social concerns. The high productivity of the Netherlands’ agricultural sector came along with levels of external inputs including mineral fertilizer, manure, pesticides and energy...

Agriculture productivity in solapur district of maharashtra

However, agriculture productivity and development differ very much from region to region, which needs a detail investigation.