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Oxygen debt in muscles may develop because of

When a muscle is being stimulated but is not able to respond because of oxygen deficit the condition is called what?

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Oxygen debt in muscles may develop because of A. the inability of respiratory and circulatory systems to supply enough oxygen to skeletal muscles when used strenuously for a minute or two.

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A high carbohydrate diet may help in the recovery of glycogen lost during the oxygen debt, according to BrianMac Sports Coach.

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Because so many of your muscles are working together during a workout, your body needs to transport oxygen to all of them to make


4. Explain how energy is supplied to muscle fiber contraction, how oxygen debt develops, and how a muscle may become fatigued.

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Unlike skeletal muscle, smooth muscle fibers can change length without changing tautness; because of this, smooth muscles in the stomach and intestinal walls can

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12. The glycogen is readily available in muscle tissue because it is stored for the most part in the

Oxygen Debt

The additional oxygen that must be taken into the body after vigorous exercise to restore all systems to their normal states is called oxygen debt (Hill 1928)[1]. Eventually, muscle glycogen must also be restored. This is accomplished through diet and may take several days...

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It is also called striated muscle because of the presence of alternating dark and light bands along

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This training is an example of Interval training, as I have to develop my fitness in a short time (5 sessions) by

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During vigorous exercise, muscle cells may be short of oxygen. They can then obtain energy from glucose by anaerobic respiration.

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Muscular endurance is local endurance which may be either aerobic or anaerobic. The extent of the blood supply in the muscles involved, oxygen transport at the tissue level

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The accumulation of lactic acid creates an oxygen-debt because the body then needs to take in more oxygen to help to remove the lactic acid build-up.

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Because the muscles of the jaw are the rst muscles affected, the disease is often called lockjaw.

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During muscular exercise, blood vessels in the muscles dilate and blood flow is increased in order to increase the available oxygen supply, to allow the

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Consequently, the excess oxygen consumed during recovery, the so-called oxygen debt, came to

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A number of factors contribute to the development of oxygen debt. For muscles to work well, they must be oxygenated.

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In contrast, static exercise often results in a doubling of the MAP, because a large muscle mass is contracting and the contraction is maintained.


Oxygen debt is directly related to a build up of the metabolic waste product of muscle contraction known as lactic acid.


141 Oxygen Debt Whether or not fatigue occurs, vigorous exercise causes a muscle’s chemistry to change dramatically For a muscle to return to

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In mild exercise lasting one minute, the oxygen debt is repaid after approximately 30 seconds. In mild exercise the anaerobic mechanism may be called on only at the beginning because as exercise proceeds...

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As lactic acid accumulates, a person develops an oxygen debt that must be repaid.

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Because of difficulties inherent in measuring oxygen debt in the prehospital and emergency settings, various metabolic end points such as lactate and base deficit have been proposed as surrogates.

Oxygen Debt

Oxygen debt is the oxygen that needs to be replaced or paid back to the various systems in the body, such as the lungs, hemoglobin and myoglobin (found in the muscles of the body) and body fluids.

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In short, if at the point of creatine phosphate depletion during sustained contractions, there has been no movement of oxygen into the muscles, an ‘oxygen debt’ will quickly develop that must be repaid by the body.

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Posted By: raphael Total Responses: 2. Muscles are subjected to respire anaerobically resulting in accumulation of lactic acid in the tissue causing fatigue/muscle cramps.

Oxygen debt

Myocardial muscles cannot accumulate an oxygen debt because only aerobic metabolism is used. Examiner's comment. Need to answer (1) how does oxygen debt arise (2) how does body deal with it.

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Subjects who terminated CPET because of dizziness or chest pain or who developed a serious arrhythmia were

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and tension development were used to indirectly assess muscle nutritive flow. The perfusion pressure of 90 mm Hg was chosen because it is consistent with the reduced