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Why Moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand was such a great idea.

Moving to Chiang Mai is a great choice, as the city is typically half the price of already affordable Bangkok, Thailand, but without the hustle of a major city with a more laid back feel.

Living in Chiang Mai, moving to Chiang Mai, expatriate Chiang Mai

Find tips from professionals about moving to Chiang Mai. Travel insurance in Chiang Mai.

Moving to Chiang Mai

When I came to Thailand after moving from Amsterdam in April, my plan was to transit through Bangkok and move on to Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand.

Lessons Learned After Living in Chiang Mai for... - Tieland to Thailand

This, is the reason why we are moving away Chiang Mai next month. I would recommend to people who want to visit Chiang Mai not to come from the middle of February to the end of May.

Chiang Mai Buddy: Making Moving to Thailand Easy

With their help, I was able to move into my new serviced apartment one week later and they took care of everything. You can trust those guys and they know what they are doing. I will recommend them to my friends who would like to come to Chiang Mai.

Moving to Chiang Mai, Week One in... - Our Big Fat Travel Adventure

An afternoon by the pool in Chiang Mai. We’ll be moving in on the 31st to our new home in the north of the city, near Nimmanhaeman road. We immediately knew the apartment was for us when we walked in and saw the view of the mist-topped green mountains through the windows.

A Guide to Living in Chiang Mai

Just moved to Chiang Mai and am finding your blog very informative and helpful, thank!

Chiang Mai Removals - Movers - Packing - Chiang Mai Moving...

Welcome to Chiang Mai Removals. We can provide you with a professional removal and storage service. We can also provide international shipping if you plan to move abroad (or back home).

Moving to Chiang Mai

After living in Bangkok for five years with their child, “Bangkok got to be too frenetic and hectic” and they decided to move to Chiang Mai to start a now-flourishing tourist magazine, Good Morning Chiang Mai.

6 Things They Didn’t Tell Me About Moving To Chiang Mai

Maybe more stuff will come as I’m here longer, but for now, here are the top six things no one tells you about moving to Chiang Mai. Booya! The Air Quality Sucks. I’m one of the lucky ones in Chiang Mai (CM).

Welcome to Chiang Mai Thailand - Chiang Mai Life: Chiang Mai...

Chiang Mai Toastmasters Club Speak English, Build confidence, Conquer your fear, Master t… Chiang Mai Social Group Of Friends Do you want to meet up with fellow peers in Chiang Mai?

Retire on 550 month - Home - # 1 authority on retiring to Thailand and...

Chiangmai-grouptours.com is our tour operator and they look after part day, full day and weekly private and Chiang Mai group tours for our clients.

The cool things that happened since moving to Chiang Mai

Giving up the 9 to 5 for a 7.30 to ‘unspecified’. If, like us you are moving to Chiang Mai without employment or retirement on the cards. Things will be a little more complicated than you may originally realize.

What To Expect If You’re Living in Chiang Mai Thailand

Our first time moving to Chiang Mai was a breeze. Without any prior experience, we found exactly the kind of place we were looking for that fit our budget perfectly and moved in after just two days of being in town.

Moving to Chiang Mai #3: The Best and the Hardest - Sacraparental

In November 2015 my family moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to work with the NGO Partners Relief & Development, to help bring free, full lives to children affected by conflict and oppression, particularly people in and from Myanmar (Burma).

Tips for Finding an Apartment in Chiang Mai - Getting Stamped

Find a Chiang Mai Apartment Online. Before moving to Chiang Mai from overseas, it’s best to get an idea of what your budget will get you. There are some great online resources to help you locate an apartment in your budget and that fit your lifestyle.

Living in Chiang Mai and Finding Accommodation - A Little Adrift

I am currently in the middle of writing a ‘proposal’ for my husband (really just a way to weigh pros/cons and keep a list of resources) to make the case for us moving to Chiang Mai for one year (or longer if it works out!) with our 2 young kids.

Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket or Pattaya? - A Farang Abroad

Please don’t get butt hurt if I say Phuket, Chiang Mai or Pattaya sucks at any point in time – because I do – a lot. If you’re thinking about moving to Thailand and need help, check out my Thai friend’s website here, she may be able to help you out.

How We Got To Chiang Mai, Thailand

In this post, I summarize a two-year journey that led us to Chiang Mai, Thailand. At the time of writing, Taiss and I have been in Chiang Mai for ten days. Moving to Thailand doesn’t happen overnight; it’s an organic process that builds over time.

Moving to Chiang Mai: How much money do you... - The Blond Travels

Every time I moved to Chiang Mai I learned something, and because they were both different, I would like to share my experiences with you about how much money you need to start your new life in the Rose of the North.

Expat Guide to Living in Chiang Mai - Moving Overseas Report

Moving Overseas Report. What should you take with you when you move to Chiang Mai?

Where to live in Chiang Mai map included - Living Thai

If you're moving to Chiang Mai for at least 6months you need to make sure you are staying in the right place. Everyone has different budgets for those on a budget I recommend Jed Yord, for something a bit better I'd say go behind Chiang Mai uni and for those with some coin definately move to...

Living and Working in Chiang Mai - Eat. Move. Hack.

I’m currently living and working online from Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand. The lifestyle is great so far, and long may it continue.

Chiang Mai University, THAILAND

FON was established in 1959 as a Division within the Faculty of Medicine at Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, for the purpose of moving to the north. In 1960 the Faculty of Medicine, including the Nursing Division, moved to Chiang Mai...

The Best Places to Network When Living in Chiang Mai - Lives Abroad

Chiang Mai is known for its digital nomad (people who travel and work online) community and after moving here largely due to this fact, I realized that the pool of interesting people in this city goes much deeper.

An Overview over the History of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

The present population of Chiang Mai province totals almost 1.5 million people, with well over 200,000 making their home in Chiang Mai area.

Retire in Chiang Mai, Thailand - International Living Australia

“When I moved to Chiang Mai, I unearthed the rich and colourful life I thought was lost,” says Pam Manning of her new life in Thailand. Chiang Mai is famous for being a town of artisans and Lanna (Northern Thai) culture.

Chiang Mai 2017: Best of Chiang Mai, Thailand Tourism - TripAdvisor

Chiang Mai Tourism: TripAdvisor has 362,811 reviews of Chiang Mai Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Chiang Mai resource.

How did we end up moving to Chiang Mai?

We didn’t use any real estate agencies to find a condo in Chiang Mai and I doubt you would need to. You don’t need anyone to hold your hand as it is very easy and anyone can do it (even if you have always lived at home and you’re moving out for the first time).

TMBA392: Should You Move to Chiang Mai?

...chapter in a long-running series on this podcast, where Dan and Ian have been exploring the locations around the globe that entrepreneurs are moving to. Today, you will hear from two entrepreneurs who have made Thailand, and more specifically the northern capital of Chiang Mai, their home bases for...

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Chiang Mai

Everyone should pay Chiang Mai a visit when coming to Thailand because of its' amazing food, markets and naturally beautiful surroundings.

Yoga in Chiang Mai - Thailand Retirement Helpers

When I moved to Chiang Mai I was delighted to find a hot bed of yoga teachers and students from around the world. I’d taken classes with maybe 100 yoga teachers over 45 years and had come to appreciate what a difference a good teacher makes to each class.

Should you move to Chiang Mai? - Sattvic Family

Thinking about moving to Thailand but aren’t sure which city, town, or island to choose? After living in this beautiful country for over 5 years, I’ve discovered that Chiang Mai-as busy and touristy as parts of it may be- is perhaps the best place for our family.

Chiang Mai and the North Archives - Miss Tourist - Travel Blog

After moving to Chiang Mai, I was lucky to enjoy the best it can offer - Yi Peng festival! A lantern festival is that type of event that ANYBODY in the world like, in my opinion. Really, how can you not?

I'm Moving from Lanna Chiang Mai to Petchruangrung... - 8LimbsUs

We’ve made the decision to leave Lanna and Chiang Mai in order to head back down to Pattaya, to train again at WKO with Sakmongkol and at Petchrungruang Gym; we’re moving.

Chiang Mai on the Cheap - Living on Less than $500 a Month

To wrap up this housekeeping: If you’re reading this post because you’re about to move to Chiang Mai on a wing and a prayer, kindly slap yourself in the face and reassess your life choices.

Renting an Apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I sipped my tiny, overpriced water bottle, absently wondering if I could make it last for the entire flight to Chiang Mai, since I had no intention of paying for another one. It occurred to me that this move to Chiang Mai felt completely different from our previous relocations.

Chiang Mai Is Absolutely Amazing! - Loser 2 Winner

Getting To Chiang Mai. To start, my first flight left from Connecticut to Chicago. That was the easy part, as my next flight was a 14 hour marathon flight to Shanghai, China.

How to Find and Rent Apartments in Chiang Mai - Finding Beyond

So less than 3 days after arriving into the country we were moving into our own Chiang Mai condo which we now call home! Here are some pictures of our condo called D Vieng based in the Santitham area.

Chiang Mai Living Expenses

Before you make a beeline to move here, know that despite being one of my favorites in the world, Chiang Mai is not Nirvana. Rats the size of small dogs and cockroaches the size of American rats fearlessly roam the streets at night.

Chiang Mai vs. Medellin: What Digital Nomads Are Saying

“While Chiang Mai has blown up as a top destination for digital nomads, there’s so much more to this special city than free WiFi and coffee shops.

Chiang Mai Temples Walking Tour, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The city pillar was later moved to another location and the temple lost some of its... view more.

Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai Bus - Green Bus Times, Ticket Prices...

The bus ride from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai follows a scenic road that meanders through some beautiful green and hilly landscapes.

A Week in Chiang Mai - Photo Diary - JetSetCitizen.com

We had a great house sublet for the first two months in Chiang mai. It was a three-bedroom house with nice furniture and fast internet for about $300 per month. After that we moved to a tiny one-room studio in a better location for about $200 per month.

Citylife - Chiang Mai Citylife

CityGames: Connecting with Chiang Mai’s Gaming Scene. Once confined to the family rumpus room or occasionally dusted off to help while away the time during long school holidays, board games and card games are enjoying a global renaissance.

5 reasons why I'm moving to Thailand! - Square Hippie

And now you are MOVING there? Our first ever Tuk Tuk ride! Wooohoooo! Well yes. The thing is, I’ve been wanting to visit Thailand for forever! And I want to become a digital nomad, and it seems every blogger worth their salt is living in Chiang Mai now.

Best Spas in Chiang MaiPaper Planes - 3 Levels of Spas in Chiang Mai

Deep Relax was the first massage place I went to after moving to Chiang Mai, and I’ve been going there regularly ever since for special splurges like facials and body scrubs. The spa is simple but tastefully decorated and the staff are polite and knowledgeable.

mrleecompany.com, chiangmai-mrleetour.com , chiang mai tour...

I'm Mr. Lee, the owner of Mr. Lee Company in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Let's me introduce my self a little bit. "Lee" is my nickname, my dad and my mom call me from the childhood.

Goodbye Toronto, Hello Chiang Mai! - sprinkles and sauce

Before coming to a decision to move to Chiang Mai, we read a lot of blogs, tour/travelling websites and also government websites. What we read helped us to know what to expect, how to prepare ourselves, know what we need from home and what to pack in our luggage.

BJJ Gym Profile: Team Quest Thailand in Chiang Mai

However, as BJJ is still quite new to Chiang Mai, most of the class is comprised of white and blue belts.

Why Digital Nomads & Entrepreneurs Keep Choosing Chiang Mai

Blair had spent a year teaching English in the northern Thai city and planned to return once she built a sustainable business. After developing an online marketing brand in Boulder, Colorado, Blair moved back to Chiang Mai in December 2015.

Quality of life in Chiang Mai, Thailand - Teleport Cities

Moving to Chiang Mai will very likely decrease your daily costs of living. Sign up for free to get access to our cost of living index and use our international cost of living calculator to do cost comparison by city.

Our $375 a Month Apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand

First stop: Chiang Mai, Thailand. In our wild and care free days without a child, we would just arrive at a new destination and hunt for housing.

Expats In Chiang Mai Blogs Directory at Expats Blog

This is the Expats In Chiang Mai Blogs listing page. We try to include as many Chiang Mai expat blogs as possible, however if you know of one that could be featured please add here.

A Comprehensive guide to renting a condo in Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you follow this 5 step guide you should find a lovely condo that you can call home in less than a week. You’re living the dream and moving to Chiang Mai. The thought of finding your own comfy condo fills you with excitement.

Chiang Mai Hotels - Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, Thailand

Escape to Chiang Mai between May and September 2017 to experience the beautiful green season in our luxurious sanctuary.

Traveling Old-School from Bangkok to Chiang Mai: A Day on the Train

We slowly chugged away out of the commotion that is Bangkok and the scenery that passed us became a moving reel for our people watching pleasure.

Family travel - Chiang Mai, Thailand (ARGH! ELEPHANTS!)

Reply Moving to Chiang Mai #1: Forks, Elephants, Poodles and Sidecars - Sacraparental 12 January, 2016 at 12:55 am. […] to Lucy’s research, we went to visit an elephant sanctuary where you can interact with elephants within strict […]

Living in Chiang Mai - Mcneill.io

People from bigger towns and more aggressive cultures might get annoyed, but coming from Honolulu where I lived for 7 years previous to moving to Chiang Mai, I found it to be a similar size and pace of life.

Home -- Chiang Mai House

Largest Property Listings of Condominiums, Houses, Land, Villas, Commercial Buildings, Apartments, Townhouse, Businesses, Hotels, Resorts, Guesthouse and any properties for Rent – Lease – Sale in Chiang Mai.

My personal journey Retiring to Chiang Mai

One of the things I had to sort out, when I decided to move to Chiang Mai, was medical insurance. If you fall ill, need emergency treatment, or even visit the doctor, it costs money.

Chiang Mai - Mar 4, 2008

I am hoping to move there on a one year work visa and meet a hot Aussie so I can move there permanently. I went drinkin last night.

Chiangmaibuddy.com news and more - Chiang Mai Buddy

Chiang Mai Buddy provides generally secure and family-safe content, so users of all ages can visit it.

Bangkok to Chiang Mai Express in Thailand, Asia - G Adventures

Take seven days, pack them full of wonderment and reflection in northern Thailand– Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya, and Chiang Mai, and plenty of temples, palaces and small villages to explore – and you’ve got a recipe for one of the most memorable weeks you’ll ever have.

Reality check on living costs in Chiang Mai - Chiang Mai-Wandering

months we`re moving to Chiang Mai (it`ll take that long to meet all Visa requirements)……..my friends in OZ said I was really game to move to China……but I`m an OAP & couldn`t save decent $`s in OZ.(even though I own my home) In China,with pension & rent it`s a different story...

Chiang Mai apartment service Smith Residence

Chiang mai serviced apartment rent short long stay accommodation deluxe class city location.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is an ethical and sustainable eco-tourism project located approximately 60km from the city of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

Team - Assist Thai Visa are Chiang mai's leading visa service providers

Supranee. Has lived in America for 10 years, and now helps with clients relocating to Chiang Mai. She can help arrange visas, homes, cars and many more.


The challenge was to move just enough with each photograph to create an interesting flowing movement for the resulting final video which plays at 25 frames (photos) per second.

Bangkok To Chiang Mai: Guide To The Overnight Train

After 3 hectic and exciting days exploring Bangkok, we decided to jump on the overnight sleeper train to Chiang Mai.

25 new reasons you should visit Chiang Mai this winter - BK Magazine...

“Here in Chiang Mai, we’re so lucky to have an abundance of fresh produce. Driving just 30 minutes out of the city, you find lots of great farms,” says Err.

Vegetarian Chiang Mai

A guide to eating, dining and surviving as a vegan, vegetarian or fruitarian in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

Ultimate Guide to Chiang Mai: Thailand's Cultural... - Muay Thai PROS

Chiang Mai is the second most visited city in Thailand and should be one of the must-visit places on your Thailand travel itinerary.

Chiang Mai Chronicles

The blog Chiang Mai Chronicles became a sounding board and place for me to air out my process of becoming an ex-pat in Thailand...it's hard to believe that was over 3 years ago. We have since moved on to a new continent, with a much easier process of acculturation...

The Empress Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Luxury at the Heart of Chiang Mai. A four-star luxury hotel with a five-star standard, we are the first choice for long-term stay guests, families, and business travelers. Winner of Zoover Hotel Awards, Booking.com Guest Review Award...

NSFW: A Thai Monk Brings Hell to Chiang Mai - Roads & Kingdoms

The garden, located 17 miles north of Chiang Mai, is meant to be pedagogical, a visual education aid used to teach visitors about the afterlife. Buddhist perceptions of hell are taught in the Thai public school system, usually in the form of...

Thailand international and domestic discount air tickets, Hotels and...

Select Ayutthaya Bangkok Chiang Mai Chumphon Don Muang Hat Yai Hua Hin Khon Kaen Koh Lanta Koh Phangan Koh Phi Phi Koh Samui Koh Tao Krabi Lop Buri Nakhon Lampang Nakhon Pathom Nakhon Sri Thamarat Narathiwat Nong Khai Padang Besar Phitsanulok Phuket Rachaburi Sungai...

Fly to Chiang Mai with Thai Lion Air - Freedom To Fly

Chiang Mai (CNX). BOOK. Departing. Surat Thani (URT). Arriving. Chiang Mai (CNX). BOOK. * Don Mueang Int'l Airport.

Chiang Mai Thai House: Luxury House Lanna Style

Chiangmai Thai House: The luxury class guest house in Chiangmai. Just 100 metres far from Tapae gate the center of Chiangmai city.