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Can you paint over oil based primer with interior latex paint?

Best Answer: Oil based primer is absolutely the best choice for a damp environment like a bathroom. Latex top coat paints will adhere perfectly to oil based primer.

Can I put latex paint on oil base primer? - Forum

I sheeted my garage with plywood and will be priming with Kilz oil base primer.

Homeowner’s Guide to Paint Primer - Today's Homeowner

Just painted over latex paint with oil based Kilz. Am I in trouble now? Oil over latex, if so what can I do to fix it?

Oil Or Water Based Kilz Primer ? - Forum

Latex paint over the kilz will take longer to dry than it will over the latex but it should blend in within 24 hrs.

My Grilfriend put Oil-Based Kilz Primer Over Latex Paint

by mistake and bought a five-gallon conatiner of latex semi-gloss to put over the Kilz. The new container is already open.

Latex vs Oil based primer - Painting old Drywall by: Shawn

By using an oil (or solvent) based primer over a surface that has been wallpapered you will insure that the water-based glue doesn't bleed through your paint. With that said, a latex primer like Kilz Premium is formulated to hide most (but not all) water based stains.

Latex Paint Over Oil Based Wood Stain - ThriftyFun

If you put latex paint over oil based stain or paint the latex will peel off when it dries.

Latex Paints Over Oil-Based

Q. Can you paint over an oil-based paint with latex paint or is it vice versa? A. The rule of thumb is that, given proper surface preparation, for exterior use you can apply quality latex paints over

painting - Primer for old oil-based paint - Home Improvement Stack...

I thought ANY primer - I just bought five gallons of Kilz latex primer - could be used over old oil-based paint and then a new coat of latex paint applied successfully.

Painting over Oil based Paint - Painting shellac - primer or sealer?

So, painting latex over oil paint is not a time-consuming job. Oil-based primer.

Latex Over Oil Base Paint Is Peeling - Forum - Contractor Talk

Well my best carpenter called me tonight & said he primed & painted his bathroom with latex primer & paint & now i't peeling on him in big strips.

How to Paint Latex Paint Over Oil Based Paint

The issue with painting over oil or alkyd-based paint is that it as it dries it presents a very slippery surface.

Can You Use Latex Over Oil Based Paint?

Yes you can paint over Oil Based Paints. I suggest using primer or Kilz over top of the old paint first. Put a coat or two of that on and then paint with your new latex paint.

Sharpie on the ceiling, need primer - dumbass - Ask MetaFilter

Did you try your regular latex paint over the Kilz? posted by hydrophonic at 7:12 PM on June 7, 2009.

Kilz Exterior Primer? [Archive] - The WoodenBoat Forum

I have used Kilz oil based primer on exterior plywood and it held up. I have also used Behr latex primer under gloss Behr porch and floor paint and it holds up well on the hull on mahogany.

Latex over Oil : A Hard Lesson Learned - Forum

The Kilz primer is an oil based product. I was warned that it had a very strong odour, and so I painted with a respirator.

The best paint for a bathroom - The Home Depot Community

Oil also has a very strong odor, so be aware of that if you ever do use it and be sure to keep the windows open. Be sure to check that this primer is able to have latex applied over it, as it's getting harder to find oil-based paints these days. Latex based primer, like Kilz 2, doesn't have that same...

How To Apply Oil Base Paint Over Latex: Simple And Easy Steps

Most DIY painters often contemplate whether it is possible to apply an oil-based paint over latex. The answer is yes it can be done but not directly.

Best Oil Based Primer for Painting- Our Top 5 - So Much To Spray

- Painting over walls. - Great against chipping. KILZ Original Multi-Surface Stain Blocking Interior Oil-Based Primer.

Kilz oil-based stain blocking primer is formulated for compatibility with...

Apply Kilz oil-based primer to the smoke damage, using a roller frame and nap cover.

Exterior primer: Oil vs. 1-2-3 - Fine Homebuilding - Breaktime

My painter is grudgingly willing to consider an oil-based primer but tells me that Zinsser's

Types of Paint for a Window Sill - eHow UK - Oil-Based Paints

Considerations. Applicators should never paint over bare wood windowsills. The finish will eventually shed. Bare wood requires a latex primer prior to painting.

Oil based or latex primer for exterior?

Water base primer is fine over oil paint and oil base paint if fine over water base primer. In time, real soon, there will be NO oil base paints sold.

Painting over oil-based paint with latex paint - Rather Square

Before painting latex over oil based paint, follow these few simple steps to prepare the surface and help avoid your latex paint peeling or chipping off.

Can you mix oil based paint with latex based paint

I'll never use oil based paint again. its nothing like painting with motor oil, more like molasses I have been painting house's/ skyscrapers/oil rigs for over 25 years. & yes you can use oil base paint over latex, 1st you scruff the existing paint with sand paper, then dust, put 1 coat of primer(Kilz primer is...

Close Encounter with Kilz Primer??? - BabyCenter

He said he intended on coming to treat the mold first with a mixture involving dawn then paint kilz primer over it.

Kilz Original Oil-Based Primer 10002 Reviews – Viewpoints.com

Comments about Kilz Original Oil-Based Primer: I have worked done tons of painting over the last several years both in rental properties, at work, as well as at home. Killz has saved me time and time again.

Prime This - Why do I need to use primer? - HowStuffWorks

But environmental concerns have put it in lesser favor at the same time science has made advances in latex paint technology.

I cannot live in my house due to offgassing from paints and primer...

The painters did not let the KILZ DRY before applying the paint. They used Dunn Edwards' latex eggshell "Enso" (no voc) and semi gloss.

To paint over sticky latex paint with oil paint, what preparation is...

In my experience, oil paint can be applied over latex without priming as long as the environmental conditions are not too demanding.

Acrylic paint over oil-based primer?

I have not had trouble painting Latex/ Acrylic over Oil but if you get a paint with primer mixed in it, you should be fine.

Best Oil Based Primer: Latex Painting - Paint Sprayer Judge

KILZ Original Multi-Surface Stain Blocking Interior Oil-Based Primer/Sealer.

Don't Paint Over Oil Paint Before Doing This Test - My Colortopia

Before you paint over oil paint or if you suspect it is oil-based and want to find out for sure, just do the following

Differences in Water-Based, Oil-Based and Latex Paints - DIY

Oil-based paint is good for trim work because trim takes more abuse over time than do walls.

Refinishing with Oil Based Primer & Paint - Centsational Girl

Note, you can use latex paint over oil primer, but the reverse is not a good idea.

Latex Paint vs Oil Based Paint - Difference and Comparison - Diffen

Oil based paint is a slow drying paint made with oil. Latex paints are generally better for the interior of homes and on large surfaces.

Painting furniture – Should I use latex or oil paint?

admin . Oil paint on latex primer is ok. You don’t need any finish on top of oil-based enamel as it’s a rock-solid finish on it’s own.

Primer Before Paint: When Is It Necessary & When Is It A Waste?

The Kilz line in general has had a spotty record of quality in the past so our company doesn't use it for the jobs we perform because of its inconsistent reputation.

Buy "Masterchem 10444 Kilz Odorless Interior Oil Based..." - GimmeBuy

Description: Kilz odorless, 13 oz aerosol, white interior premium sealer primer stain blocker. Non yellowing, reduces lingering odors, for use in areas where higher odor levels are prohibitive. Dries fast, ready to re-coat in 1 hour with latex or oil based paint.

How to put oil paint over latex paint - Quora

Applying an oil-based paint directly over latex paint could be inviting later problems such as peeling, blistering, and uneven covering. Provided the latex is clean and in good condition, apply a latex primer over the latex paint- then applying the oil based paint would almost guarantee a great finish.

How to Know when to Use Oil Based Paint Instead of Latex: 5 Steps

You can paint with oil-based paint over latex, but you should never paint latex over oil. It will not stay, unless you sand down the surface.

PaintCare Inc. Can You Use Latex Paint Over Oil-Based Paint?

To assure that the latex will have a nice finish with good adhesion, be sure to prime the surface with a good quality primer. While some paints are designed to go directly over oil-based paint without the need for priming...

Kilz Or Zinsser? - Painting & Finish Work - Architect Age

That's why I would use Kilz or another oil based sealer, over a shellac based sealer.

How to Choose and Use Primer: Drywall & Paint

Stain-blocking primers can be oil or water based. Photo courtesy of Kilz.

Behr Process Corporation - finishes and primers

Topcoat with latex or oil-based paint. KILZ MAX Clear contains a mildewcide that helps protect against growth of mold on the primer and is not intended to provide mildew protection on the substrate, subsequent coats of paint, or elsewhere on the building.

Can I use interior latex as a primer for exterior paint? - Forum

I'm a firm believer that oil based paints outlast latex paint over wood outdoors, so in a perfect world, I'd like to see you using an oil based primer over the bare wood, and top coating with an oil based paint.

How To ~ Tell If Paint is Latex or Oil - Salvaged Inspirations

You most definitely can paint latex paint over oil primer. I work in a paint store.

Latex paint vs oil based paint

Acrylic latex paint and oil-based paint also known as "alkyd" paint. Acrylic latex paint is made with water and an acrylic resin binder.

Exterior Paint - Advantages Of Oil VS. Latex

An advantage of using oil based primer for wood siding is it also makes a somewhat good metal primer that will seal nail heads protecting them from rust more so than the latex.

Check It Out! Paint & Primer

KILZ Odorless oil base is a powerful interior stain blocker with no lingering odor.

You Can Paint Latex Paint Over Oil-Based Paint :: DFW Finishers

Oil-based paint produces a very hard, slick surface which isn’t good for a latex top-coat to adhere to. So if it’s oil, you’ll need to go on to step #2. Second, you’ll want to use a good primer before putting the latex paint over the oil.

Best paint for inside of stand? - REEF2REEF Saltwater and Reef...

As far as paint for inside the stand, I really like Kilz Complete primer....it's the oil based primer of Kilz.....this stuff is great. You can leave it just with the primer of cover it with any good latex.

Best primer for old plaster walls - My Old House Online - Forum

I typically use Benjamin Moore Fresh Coat latex primer for plaster, unless you have staining issues, then Kilz or Zinnser.

How to Paint Latex Over Oil Based Paint - Oil Primer

First let me say DO NOT paint latex over oil under any circumstances without properly preparing the trim first!

How to Paint Over Oil-Based Paint With Latex Paint - Hometalk

The problem with painting with latex paint over oil paint is the simple idea that oil and water don’t mix. If you try to use latex (a water-based paint ) on top of oil paint (with an alkyd or linseed oil binder) without the proper preparation or primer in between, all your efforts will peel off or chip off...

Water Stains on the Ceiling? How to Fix Them - Bob Vila

Your best option for a base coat to cover water stains on the ceiling is an oil-based, mold-resistant, stain-blocking primer (such as Kilz Oil-Based

Priming Your Home's Exterior Before Painting - dummies

You can apply quality latex paint over any oil- or latex-painted surface that’s in good shape.

Latex vs. oil-based paint: Wood condition can 'pick' the paint primer...

The thinking was that the oil-based primer penetrated the wood fibers better than a latex primer, ensuring a firmer bond and thus a longer lasting paint job.

Generic Latex Paint Products - Primer Mass Fraction (%)

These changes have led to formulations containing more paint solids and less solvent, and a shift away from oil-based paints to waterborne or latex paints.

What are some tips for painting over oil-based paint? - Reference.com

To paint over oil-based paint with latex paint, first test for lead. Then clean and prep the surfaces to be painted. To prepare the surface to take the latex paint, use an acrylic-based bonding primer to seal the prepped areas.

How to Paint Over Oil-Based Stained Wood - Home Guides - SF Gate

Use oil-based primer between the original surface and an oil-based top coat, or if you prefer to switch to a water-based paint for the top coat, be sure to use a primer formulated to make the transition from oil-based

Painting Over Oil Based Paints - Schedule Fred

Oil based paints have a higher volatile organic compound content than water based paints. Latex paints will not stick to oil based paints.

The Weathered Door - How to Paint over Laminate and Plastic Furniture

I have not painted laminate, but I always use oil based paints with oil based primer and water based paint with water based primer.

Oil-based Oil-based primers and paints have been an industry...

For example, going from oil-based paints to latex-based paints and vice versa, or changing colors drastically. Also, if paint is cracking

How To Paint Over a Stained Door - InfoBarrel

Paint a coat of oil-based primer onto the surface of the door. Use a roller, paintbrush, foam brush or paint sprayer.

How to Paint Over Stained Wood

Prime Paint over your stained wood with a paint primer first. You can use oil based or water based latex primer - you can even use spray paint. If you are planning on using oil based paint, use an oil based primer.

Choices In Paints: Latex or Oil-Based?

Oil-based paint tends to be a bit thicker than latex/water-based paint. For this reason, the two types require different rollers and brushes for best results.

Selecting Paint

After priming the metal, use an oil-based or latex paint for the top coat. You cannot always use a latex paint over a metal primer. Some products that are primed at the factory, such as some metal doors, will not accept a latex paint.

Kilz primer and cream colored paint (Owen Road, Fenton)

I have a small room to paint. Looking for left over Kilz primer and/or cream colored paint. Thanks! To browse free items in your area

This Furniture Painting Tutorial Is Easy- Just Follow Our Step-By-Step...

Many people mistakenly think that latex paint isn’t supposed to be applied over oil-based primer, but the real painting no-no is applying latex paint over oil-based paint, which is a guaranteed bubble-fest and should be avoided at all costs.

What is the Purpose of a Paint Primer? - Oil Based Primer

Common primers include oil based primer, latex primer, and shellac primer.

How Do I Paint Over Painted Walls?

I'm painting over a similar color. and it's in good condition. You probably don’t need a primer.

Can I Paint Over Wood Treated With Linseed Oil? - Hunker

Once it has cured, an oil finish can be very hard, and some paints may not adhere well. Prime an oil finish with a high-quality latex primer before coating with latex paint. This is the same precaution you should take before painting latex over oil-based paint.

How do I paint over wallpaper? (2 replies)

Using a latex primer can often result in a bigger mess as the water in the paint starts to lift the paper wherever it is poorly bonded. Use an oil base primer like KILZ as it bonds very well to the wallpaper face and does not cause any of the spot lifting.

Amazon.com: Kilz 10042 Odorless Interior Oil Based Primer/sealer...

We were also told we have to use an oil base primer to cover the oil base over-spray because a latex primer won't adhere to an oil base paint. So, we bought the Kilz Odorless oil base primer and what a disappointment!

Painting Over Paneling - Primer for Wood or Vinyl Laminate

The solvents in the oil-based primers and paints can ruin the vinyl covering. Use only latex paint to put over the latex primer. For the wood veneer paneling, use an oil-based, or alkyd, primer that will prevent the bleeding through of the dark stain of the paneling.

How To Paint - DIY Painting Questions & Advice

Can I put latex paint over a surface that was previously painted with an alkyd (oil) product?

smoke smell, oil primer latex, kilz wall primer, kilz anti mold paint

kilz oil based primer with latex paint. The comfortable clothing was perfect for the dry desert of southern California, but useless against the damp chill of a Virginia autumn.

Latex Paint for Boats??? - Boatbuilders Site on Glen-L.com

Back then the only house paints were oil-based paints, so my yacht was painted with top quality oil-based house paint.

Kilz - Asdnyi

Kilz Primers, Specialty Paints & Concrete Care Products Seals Porous Surfaces Holiday Special: KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint, White, 1-gallon Prestige Paints 100% acrylic exterior latex paint and primer in one