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Tattoo aftercare: A&D ointment ok? - Yahoo Answers

For this tattoo I went to another artist and all he said was " A&D Ointment all day along. Don't let it get dry."

Herbal Tattoo ointment, all natural... - Silver Moon Herbals LLC

Great for new Tattoos and to maintain existing tattoos. Has no ingredients such as petroleum, frangrance, dye, alcohol, which are bad for tattoos.

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A And D Ointment Tattoo – Find the newest tattoos art designs and ideas of A And D Ointment Tattoo in Ink Mafia Design Gallery. Tattoos have become a part of the identity of most human beings, and so you are now more likely to get a tattoo than any other time.

Rash around new tattoo - Dermatology - MedHelp

It itches very badly and does not seem to be getting better. I will be done with the antibiotics in 2 days. I used A&D Ointment on the tattoo for two days after I got it upon advice from the tattoo artist, but I have not used any topical creams since then.

Help!! My new tattoo has formed a rash!!! I assume that it... - Q&A

N/A Worst Weak OK Good Great. help! my tatoo does not look good. some of the ink on the writing has bled through my skin. is this a bad tatoo or will this go away???

Tattoo Ointment Guide - Aquaphor For Tattoos

A+D Original Ointment. This is another popular product with tattoo artists, and many locations carry it to give as an aftercare product. Similarly to other thicker ointments, the primary risk with A+D ointment for tattoos is that it has a tendency to clog the pores, so care must be taken to prevent...

First 3 to 4 Days -Use the recommended ointment as instructed above...

Clear Ointments and things like Plastic Wrap will intensify the suns rays and burn your skin easy. Be Careful. Can I get my tattoo wet? Yes, despite the old day rumors, water isn’t bad for a tattoo. Wash it 3 to 4 times a day. Shower Can I swim with a fresh tattoo?

Wet Healing a Tattoo @ derek.broox.com

And by "rebandage," I mean: apply Bacitracin ointment (or A and D, but bacitracin doesn't smell as bad) to the tattoo and rebandage with new material - Saran Wrap works fine. This helps seal in some of the moisture and also protects your bed from getting nasty. It also might be a good idea to put a...

Is Aquaphor healing ointment (from Eucerin) better than... - Quora

For tattoo aftercare, how good is Aquaphor compared to other ointments? When can you stop using A+D ointment after a tattoo?

Suggested Aftercare Guidelines for Tattoo Body Art Procedures

Stop using the ointment and spray the tattoo area with rubbing alcohol 3 times daily; this will dry it out in a few days.

The famed tattoo artists shares tips and advice for ink-aftercare.

After washing the tattoo, apply an ointment. Some commonly recommended ointments would be Bacitracin, A+D Ointment and Aquaphor; I would recommend staying away from Vaseline and petroleum jelly.

Why is Neosporin bad for tattoos? - Reference.com

Neosporin is potentially bad for tattoos because it sometimes causes an allergic reaction, according to About.com.

Best Ointment For Tattoos; Here Are The Top 3 - Ink Vivo

I’ve got here some pros and cons of the best tattoo ointments on the market right now to help you decide.

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If a rash occurs, stop using antibiotic ointment and use Vitamin A & D ointment or a natural lotion that does not contain scent or color.

NYARTMAN - How to care for your new tattoo

The worst thing that could happen to a new tattoo is the possibility of it getting infected.

Tattoo Aftercare - Tattoo Edmonton

Apply ointment whenever the tattoo is feeling stiff or dry but beware of over-moisturizing. You must wash your tattoo and rinse away any/all old ointment before applying new ointment.

Tetracycline skin ointment for piercings / Flagyl medicament prix

Apply a thin layer of MAD TATTER ointment or a. Various skin types react differently to piercings,.Ideas for original tattoos/tattoo removal and a full review of the. - Original Tattoos and Piercings Tattoos And Piercings.The Good The Bad & The Ugly.

Tattoos: lotions for tattoos, aloe vera gel, curel lotion

Neosporin or any triple anti-bacterial ointment are the worst things you can use on a tattoo. For a tattoo to heal properly it has to heal from the inside out. Those type of ointments heal from the outside in which can have a really bad effect on the tattoo and pigment causing severe reactions.

Good Lotion For New Tattoos ?? - Beautylish

I put it once & was told it was bad on my other tattoos I used plain face moisturizer.


A&D Ointment Bacitracin and Neosporin are all very good. You will only need to use it for two days, two to three times daily.

Tattoo Aftercare: Top 12 Best Creams & Lotions

When I got my first tattoo twenty years ago, there was little talk about tattoo aftercare. Sporting my new, and somewhat painful emblem of independence, I was told to keep it clean and to moisturize it with petroleum jelly or A & D Ointment.

bactroban antibiotic ointment on tattoo - ZechariahBarker's blog

Tattoo Aftercare ... triple antibiotic cream OR vaseline on a new tattoo!! triple antibiotic. should i use triple antibiotic ointment for my tattoo or a &… is Neosporin bad to. I got a tattoo on my neck a week ago on a Saturday. The. Topical antiseptic treatment and topical antibiotics such as mupirocin or...

Best Ointment For Tattoos: Our Top Pick For Your Skin

When deciding on the best ointment for tattoos, I consider several criteria. First of all, my short-term healing is very important, as there is always the risk of infection that will permanently damage your skin and the appearance of the tattoo.

How to Care for an India Ink Tattoo - LIVESTRONG.COM

Repeat the cleaning and ointment procedure for three days. Add additional ointment if the area feels dry, and clean off any seepage by washing or dabbing the tattoo with a clean paper towel.

What Ointment Is Good For Tattoos? - Tattoo Healing Pro

The products listed below are what I use, have tested, and will continue to use for tattoo ointment on my tattoos both when I get them, as I’m going through the tattoo healing process and in all phases of tattoo aftercare. 1. A&D Ointment.

The Best Tattoo Lotions To Use In 2017 - AuthorityTattoo

This is the only tattoo aftercare ointment on this list because, well, it’s the only one you really need to use if you go down the ointment route. A&D ointment is a generalized product used on many varying skin conditions and is extremely effective due to the combination of two very important...

Aftercare - otherside tattoos

After washing your tattoo, apply an ointment. A+D ointment is recommended. Ointments to avoid are Vaseline and petroleum jelly.

Tattoo Ointment - A and D Ointment and other Tattoo Ointments

Aftercare for tattoo is usually done with tattoo lotions and other tattoo aftercare products, but most of them do nothing and some make your tattoo site a lot worse. a and d ointment , a & d ointment, tattoo ointment, ointment for tattoos, best ointment for tattoos, a&d ointment for tattoos...

a & d ointment - yay or nay? - Inspire

i recently bought some a & d ointment to soften up my p and see how well it works..i have only been using it for a couple of nights but the spots

Guide Line Tattoos - Care & Feeding of a New Tattoo

This will allow it to get air and start healing properly. If rashes or heavy scabs do occur, discontinue use of ointments and leave it to heal on it's own. Avoid direct sunlight on the tattoo for at least the first couple of weeks.

what is the best cream to heal a tattoo? - Forum Topic at...

I would like to suggest staying away from A and D ointment because its petroleum based.

Tattoo Cleaning - Fresh Tattoo and Showering

H2Ocean and others may be fine, but they are not necessary. For each of my nine tattoos I have used nothing but Curel Fragrence Free (about $4 at your local drugstore). Many artists also recommend a tube of A&D ointment.

Frequently Asked Questions: Tattoo Healing Instructions Nick Baxter...

Apply A&D ointment or a specialty tattoo-healing product to the tattoo as needed, massaging a very small amount into the skin to keep the tattoo slightly moist, but NOT smothered. Use just enough ointment to make the tattoo slightly shiny, and blot off any excess.

A Natural Tattoo Ointment You Can Make At Home To Keep Your Ink...

According to many tattoo parlors and Tattoo.About.com, the petroleum often in the preferred tattoo ointments could actually be slowing your healing process down and ultimately degrade the quality of your final project.

A + D First Aid Ointment Skin Protectant Reviews – Viewpoints.com

My husband and I both got tattoo's recently, and the artist told us to use A&D ointment on our tattoo's to keep our skin protected while the tattoo healed.

Tattoo Aftercare Products - Piercing Aftercare Products - After Inked...

A&D Ointment An all-purpose skin ointment that moisturizes and aids healing. Don't forget the A&D Ointment! H2Ocean Lotion Natural skin moisturizer for tattoos.

A&d ointment tattoo removal - Tattoo Collection

A&d ointment tattoo removal. It seems that today almost all people have tattoos. What was previously considered an attribute of sailors, criminals and bikers, today it is a popular body adornment for many people.

Simple Tattoo Aftercare Instructions for Optimum Results - TatRing

Preparation H. I highly recommend Preparation H ointment. Yes, it is Hemorrhoid cream, but it's also ideal for tattoos!

Tattoo Skin Care Products - Antibacterial Ointments

Lotions and moisturizing ointments are meant to keep the tattoo from scabbing, which can damage the tattoo and lead to scars. Most tattoo artists will recommend a favorite product and tell you to use a small amount and rub it in gently.

Top 10 Video Tutorials For You To Learn How To Tattoo

8. How to take care of your new tattoo. Make sure a new tattoo heals without incident by keeping it clean and disinfected with A&D ointment or lotions. 9. How to fix a bad tattoo.

Vitamin A & D Ointment, A&D

Vitamins "A & D" Ointment Skin Protectant. Used on the skin as an aftercare ointment for Tattoos and used on the skin during tattoo for easy clean-up. Remove in area being tattooed.

Tattoos: Tattoo Aftercare: 7 Essential Procedures - Ointment

For three to five days, twice every day, apply an antibacterial healing ointment such as Bepanthen or a vitamin A and D wealthy cream. Do not use Vaseline, lanolin, alcohol, calamine lotion or Neosporin, which can lead to red bumps that can eliminate the ink in your tattoo.

Uses of a+d ointment - eHow UK - Tattoos and Piercings

This ointment, packed full with vitamins A and D, helps with a number of skin conditions. An all-purpose ointment for a variety of skin irritations, A and D helps soothe and heal your skin.

Is ointment needed for a tattoo? - Off-Topic Discussion - GameSpot

Yes you are supposed to otherwise it'll dry and peel and eventually will discolor. I had put it on (vitamin D ointment which is found in CVS) alot therefore my tattoo didnt fade and is still pretty dark. I've seen some people who didn't and it changed their tattoo into a mess.

How to Treat Bruises – Treat Bad, Severe and Deep Bruises, Ointment

How to Treat Bruises for Severe, Deep and Bad Bruises. Bruises rarely warrant a visit to the doctor.

Ointments & Glides - Eikon - Catalog

Green Glide tattoo ointment is a vitamin A, C, D and E ointment. It is formulated with lavender

Vitamins A&D Ointment - 15 oz jar [dyn-ad-jar] - $9.99 : TATSoul...

Dynarex Vitamins A & D Ointment is a highly popular skin protectant for minor cuts, scrapes and burns. This ointment consists of a Vitamin A and Vitamin D base and is excellent for use as a tattoo aftercare.

Vitamins A&D Ointment - Made specically for the tattoo market

Vitamins A&D Ointment without Lanolin. We care like family. Made specically for the tattoo market. • Helps heal dry, chafed skin • Protects and soothes minor.

A&D Ointment - Dynarex

Dynarex A & D Ointment is a skin protectant for minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Consisting of a vitamin A and Vitamin D base, the ointment is used as a diaper rash ointment and is also excellent for tattoo aftercare.

Apply Ointment to Your Tattoo - Tattoo Maze

Image resolution: 260 x 260 jpeg 14kB. Image type: jpg. 15 views. 0 downloads. More: Concert Lighting Tattoos.

Amazon.com - A&D Original Ointment - To Prevent Diaper Rash

Ointment contains vitamins A and D. Helps relieve dry, chafed skin. Available in 4 oz. tubes and a 1 lb. jar, which is great for the changing table.

Vitamins A&D Ointment - Case of 144 foil packs - Painful Pleasures

Vitamins A&D Ointment is a skin protectant used or minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Consisting of a vitamin A and Vitamin D base, the ointment can be used as a diaper-rash ointment and is excellent for tattoo aftercare.

A+D Original Ointment Reviews - Find the Best Anti-Itch... - Influenster

This ointment can also be used on chafed, chapped, or cracked skin and lips. Rich in Vitamins A and D. Treats and prevents diaper rash.

Burt's Bees - Res-Q Ointment - News and exclusive offers!

We have used this ointment for just about every minor skin irritation you can imagine, including facial blemishes and raw bums :) Its natural and fast-acting

Collagenase SANTYL Ointment - Collagenase SANTYL Ointment 250...

SANTYL Ointment is an FDA-approved prescription medicine that removes dead tissue from wounds so they can start to heal.


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Aquaphor Healing Ointment

If you are in a good tattoo shop is clean as the tattoo artist and apply antiseptic> Ointment to the tattoo, while it generates.

Weird Tattoos: When Creativity Clashes With Insanity

For a lot of people, tattoos are a way of expressing themselves, but what if someone tries to express themselves maybe a little too much?

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It’s more of the worst bad tattoos to chucklify your day! Boy, somebody’s having some WTF hangover regrets by the look of these horrible things. So take a gander and be glad these are on them and not on you… unless they are and then I take it all back and say, “Nice job!”

Tattoos: The Best And The Worst – Part 3 - The Velvet Rocket

I sure hope this is a memorial tattoo for the girl in the picture and that she isn’t alive to see this. This one isn’t necessarily bad in the way the tattoos above are bad, but I would think it is certainly a bad idea...

You're probably using Lucas' Papaw ointment the wrong way

But with only 4% worth of papaw, a make-up artist from Melbourne, Wanda Waller, claims Lucas' Papaw is basically petroleum jelly and is bad for you. She wrote a post on Facebook on July 23, explaining why she would never use the ointment on herself or her clients.

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Welcome to Last Sparrow Tattoo. The mission of this website is to help preserve the craft of GOOD tattooing and to serve as an educational resource for those who want to learn the difference between good and bad tattoos.