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I Park Like an Idiot by Threadless - Threadless

"I Park Like an Idiot" available on t-shirts, clothing , wall art and iPhone cases.

I Park Like An Idiot Bumper Sticker - Randowant

The perfect message to give to that idiot that parks his automobile in 10 parking spots. Stick this bumper sticker on his or her car and remind the individual to

Custom I Park Like An Idiot Customizable Bumper... - Car Stickers

Shopping Cart. Custom Car Stickers. I Park Like An Idiot Customizable Bumper Sticker.

I Park Like an Idiot Bumper Stickers

You finally see a spot up ahead, only to find that the idiot next to you has parked so badly, that you can’t even try to pull into the one spot left.

I Park Like An Idiot Bumper Sticker - Esjuss

Image Result For I Park Like An Idiot Bumper Sticker.

I park like an idiot bumper stickers.

You know where to park these stickers. They're not super sticky, so stick away. You can buy them here. Share on Tumblr.

I Park Like An Idiot Stickers - NeverChill

These (easily removable) vinyl bumper stickers are perfect for slapping on anyone’s car who you feel has, well, parked like an idiot.

The World's Best Ever:design, fashion, art, music, photography...

bumper sticker. This is a worlds best, the only thing worse than not finding a parking spot is finding half a spot. Let them know where he stands with an "I Park Like An Idiot" bumper sticker from the creators of threadless.com.

I Park Like An Idiot Stickers - QBN

Check out these ridiculous bumper stickers that you are NOT supposed to stick on other people's cars....

I see, Stick I Park Like An Idiot Bumper Stickers on other cars like...

I see, Stick I Park Like An Idiot Bumper Stickers on other cars like these people did! 9:16 pm • 2 February 2008.

I Park Like An Idiot Stickers

Get revenge on the horrendous parking jobs by placing one of these bright and ugly “I Park Like An idiotstickers on the offender’s car. While it won’t help the offender change in his terrible parking ways, it will surely ruin their day – and that’s the all we can hope for.

Information about iparklikeanidiot.com: "I Park Like an Idiot..."

Iparklikeanidiot - Site Review: I Park Like An Idiot - Bumper stickers designed to let the world know about the driver's parking skills.

I Park Like An Idiot - 20/40/100 Pack Bumper Stickers

posted 6 years ago - Sep 22, 2010 15:38:02 - details - comments - Find similar deals tags: park like idiot pack bumper stickers sources: Woot.

Witty Yeti's I Park Like an Asshole Bumper Sticker 10 Pack.

Sick of idiots parking like jerks? Finally you can unleash your righteous anger on that Hummer in a compact space with Witty Yeti's I Park Like an Asshole prank bumper sticker. Hilarious prank and gag gift.

Bro Tired Of People Parking Like A-Holes Is Putting Bumper Stickers...

You see, Jeff is sick of seeing people in Queens parking illegally in handicap spots and in front of fire hydrants so he’s become something of a parking vigilante. Whenever he sees someone flaunting the parking laws he stops and slaps a “I park like an A–-HOLE” bumper sticker on their car.

Humor Bumper Stickers - Custom Bumper Stickers by Skinit

Humor Bumper Stickers. Personalize your car or device with a custom Bumper Sticker by Skinit.

Park Like An Idiot? - Vidafine

While the use of this bumper sticker is pretty self-explanatory, there is more here than meets the eye… Here is a step-by-step: 1. Purchase a pack of “I Park Like An Idiotstickers from iparklikeanidiot.com.

The Ukrainian Week - I Park Like an Idiot

Sticking IT to bad drivers. Is a carelessly parked car blocking the path of passers-by or public transport? The activists of “I Park Like an Idiot” use paper, scissors, glue or coloured stickers as their weapons against irresponsible drivers.

I've been asked to remove a bumper sticker in order... - Ask MetaFilter

After all, the whole point of a bumper sticker like that is to piss people off. posted by toomuchpete at 2:46 PM on November 6, 2009 [2 favorites].

Watch Out for the Idiot Behind Me Bumper Sticker

We don't make them like Detroit, cater to them like Los Angeles, or willfully disdain them like New York.

i-park-like-an-idiot-stickers-6470 in Life by Barry Mullin - Tapiture

From: www.dudeiwantthat.com. Likes 1. Added 1. Start a Conversation. i-park-like-an-idiot-stickers-6470. Need. Added By.

You Park Like an Asshole Helps You Share Your Feelings with Idiot...

You just tick a few boxes and leave it on the car. Assuming the offending parker has internet access, they can visit youparklikeanasshole.com and learn all about their problem. You Park Like an Asshole reminds us all not to turn these notices into stickers.

Funny bumper sticker quotes and sayings - alvinalexander.com

A few others were sent to me by friends who know I like a good bumper sticker ... well, as long as it's not on my car.

Spotted : Driving / Parking like an idiot in Tamworth... - Facebook

The the "guy" in the land rover that's just tried to rearrange my side panel on my car then proceeds to drive like a idiot and give me abuse all the way up the a5

Dumb.com - Hundreds of funny, silly, and dumb bumper stickers.

I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe. We have enough youth, how about a fountain

Best T-shirt Slogans or Bumper Stickers - Forum

Another one my son has: "Which came first--the tornado or the trailer park?" I know it's in bad taste--but aren't most t-shirt sayings or bumper stickers???

Revenge bumper stickers shame bad drivers: ‘I park like an a**hole’

Parking vigilante slaps cars with ‘I park like an a**hole’ stickers. A MAN is taking matters into his own hands when it comes to law-breaking motorists by slapping their cars with particularly unkind bumper stickers.

Some Bumper Stickers: ** Laugh Alone And The World Thinks You're...

Bumper Stickers Sighted Throughout the World "The gene pool could use a little chlorine. "I love cats...they taste just like chicken" "Laugh alone and the world thinks you're an idiot.... THE BEST 1997 BUMPER STICKERS Jesus is coming, everyone look busy.

Bumper stickers. - BeamNG

The parts selector should have a section called "Bumper Stickers", with 10-20 subcategories, depending on the

Sensational Quotes for Smart People - Bumper Stickers

I love cats...they taste just like chicken — Bumper Sticker. Save Water, Drink Beer.

Group in a Philippine City Puts Stickers on Wrongly Parked Cars...

Deciding to take matters in their own hands, many of the group members printed out yellow stickers with “I park like an idiot” and promised to place these on the errant drivers’ vehicles. While many believed those were just false threats and big words...

Parking vigilante slaps cars with ‘I park like an a–hole’ stickers

Orlick’s bumper stickers are selling on Etsy under his online alias “Queens Qustodian” at 5 for $10. So far, only an Upper East Side man has bought $10 worth.

I Park Like An Idiot - Hanttula

I Park Like An Idiot. IParkLikeAnIdiot.com sells stickers that you’re “not” supposed to apply to other people’s cars.

Catchy bumper stickers

If anybody has any good ideas on catchy bumper stickers, like my personal favorite "Friends give friends head".

Bike Bumper Stickers - Let's Go Ride a Bike

Something fun and positive like, "Thank you for seeing me!" or "Have a nice day!" or "Put the fun between your legs!" (I am not that forward!!). But this is the first bike bumper sticker I've ever sported: The sticker is not…

Insults and rude one-liners at the canonical list of bumper stickers

Instant idiot. Just add alcohol. It's men like you that make women gay. It's time to pull over and change the air in your head!

[email protected]/30.html

$3.99 You Leave Like an IDIOT 8 pk Stickers Funny vinyl decal NO Parking...

FREAK Shots: How Many Bumper Stickers Make a Bad Driver?

I think that sophistication of humor in bumper stickers (regardless of number of stickers) = intelligence. Only an old college parking decal on my car at

Funniest Bumper Stickers EVER - Cat Killer - Guff - You May Also Like

These bumper stickers can brighten your day when you're stuck in traffic. - #cars.

Bumper Sticker Quotes to Make You Smile

Bumper stickers are very popular in the US, and certainly have a presence in the UK, so I am assuming they pop up in most countries.

Bumper Sticker Madness - bumper stickers for sale

Bumper Sticker Madness. The way I figure it, better here than on the back of my truck.

Bumper stickers that provide a humorous view of life situations

Improve your outlook on life one bumper sticker at a time! If you like homemade gifts, which one of my kids would you like?

MMM bumper sticker - Forum

As I drive to work from my paid-off home in my $3000 Buick Century, and I park amongst scores of luxury vehicles in the parking structure of Big Law law firm, I

Free stikers, bumper stickers, window clings, decals

FREE #Resist and #Regenerate Bumper Stickers. Visit this offer, click on the sticker design you like and fill out the form to request your free ...

RE: Bumper Stickers [Re: Bumoer Stickers [RE: Rebuilding indexes]

My bumper sticker: "If you make it idiot-proof, they will build a better idiot."

Super Duper Asshole Parking – Boing Boing

See also: Flickr photos of bad parking at Yahoo. Update: Kevin sez, "The guys at Threadless/Skinnycorp made a site called I Park Like an Idiot a while back that sells bumper stickers that are fitting for the friends in your photo."

10 WTF Bumper Stickers

So, without further ado, I present to you the 10 bumper stickers that are most likely to induce a chortled “wtf?”

ACTUAL BUMPER STICKERS (with thanks to Dr. Glenn Miller)

Your kid may be an honor student, but you're still an idiot. If we aren't supposed to eat animals why are they made of meat?

Handicant — His bumper sticker said “Jesus hates sins!” I...

I've noticed a plague, and the sickness is bad parking. So, I've decided to start taking pictures of what I see, and share them with the internet. You can submit your own here if you see one that just needs to be shared.

Actual Bumper Stickers

...idiot proof or give me and someone will something else make a better idiot Actual Bumper Stickers Actual Bumper Stickers He who laughs last Always remember thinks slowest you're unique...just like

funny car-bumper stickers and other insignia - Forum - Archinect

Bumper sticker: So you're a feminist... isn't that cute? I'm not advocating this opinion, I just

What is your favorite funny bumper sticker? - POI Factory

Used to have a bumper sticker that read BUMPER STICKER. -- "In order to be old and wise, one

Actual Bumper Stickers

Actual Bumper Stickers: (in alphabetical order). "3 kinds of people: those who can count

What's Your Bumper Sticker? - On Balance

the first one i like because it can offend many in one bumper sticker. the other i like because i'm a harry potter fan.

Question of the Day: Bumper Sticker Shock? - The Truth About Guns

You learned a lesson many military guys with “0311” or Molon Labe bumperstickers never learned, which is why you probably have a career while

Some great ideas for bumper stickers

"I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather.... Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car...." "I Brake For No Apparent Reason."

This Guy Made Bumper Stickers to Shame People Who Park Like...

An Etsy store opened by a Jackson Heights community activist last week is selling $10 bumper stickers that read, "I park like an A**HOLE." ”You can’t rely on the traffic agents or the police to pick out things that are wrong and enforce [the law]," said Jeff Orlick, 34...

Funny Bumper Stickers

Funny Bumper Stickers: * Your kid may be an honors student, but you're still an idiot.

6 Stupid Bumper Stickers You're Glad You Don't Have On Your Car

I love bumper stickers. No really, I do. I might have graduated beyond the stick-the-rudest-and-every-band-you-like bumper sticker

Is it illegal to put bumper stickers on other people's vehicle?

However your vandalism of property by placing a bumper sticker on someones property is against the law.

Bumper sticker problem - C++ Forum

This is the question: A bumper sticker company has decided to expand their business by creating bumper stickers for the front bumper.

Road Rage Linked to Bumper Stickers - Neatorama

I don't mind bumper stickers. To me a bumper sticker is a shortcut. It's like a little sign that says 'Hey, let's never hang out.'