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Brainly has millions of high quality answers, all of them carefully moderated by our most trusted community members, but certified answers are the finest of the finest. External debt is the total debt a county owes to foreign creditors, therefore the answer would be c. "semiperipheral nations" because...

Moody's says Pakistan's external debt will increase to $79 billion

Predictions much higher than assessments made by SBP, says country's susceptibility to event risk is 'high'.

Seniority of Sovereign Debts - Domestic Versus External Debt

Some form of collateral may back— either fully or partially—some external debt, but most external debt is

External debt and economic

The growth in external debt was even more rapid during the next five years.

When Is External Debt Sustainable?

The pressure to meet external debt service payments may also tempt debtor country governments to seek short-term

What is External Debt? (with picture)

Many countries carry very high external debt, with the United States typically at the top of the list, but as long as they can service their debt successfully, it may not be regarded as a financial risk. Nations with weak economies, however...

A closer look at corporate debt in EMEs

But a high share of external debt (75%, most likely fully in foreign currency) has increased its vulnerability to exchange rate and refinancing risks.


4 The public debt benchmark is derived on an empirical basis, and varies among countries with their

Higher tuition fee debt 'deters poorer students' - BBC News

Debt aversion among prospective students from poorer families has been growing, researchers say.

When Is External Debt Sustainable?

The first condition is the most basic measure of debt distress: the inability to service external obligations

External debt statistics

• Chapter 4 sets out a table for the presentation of the gross external debt position; highest pri-ority

Impact of Pension Obligations on Firm

The model presented here suggests a more nuanced empirical relationship among pension debt, external debt and market value of the rm.

Theories of Growth and Debt

Among many factors there are domestic and external factors that responsible for this outcome of

Budget deficits, external debt and economic growth in nigeria

A very interesting cyclical interrelationship exists among budget deficits, external debt and economic growth.

Impact of External Debt on Economic Growth

Thus, the debt relief from IDA and PC in Tanzania most likely implied to boost the economic growth in other way around.

Princeton studies in international finance

...Dealing with the Debt Crisis (1989) and author of a number of articles on issues of external debt.

ICAEW BUSINESS OPINION - Fig 5. Type of external debt facility used

Large businesses are most likely to feel some degree of relaxation. Consistent with 2010, just under two thirds (63%) of organisations currently have an external debt facility.

Debt Intolerance

After all, among advanced economies, Japan’s current debt-to-GDP ratio, at 120 percent, is almost universally considered high.

The US as a Net Debtor

The permanent long-term value for the real interest rate on U.S. external debt is likely to be higher than its current value, but we also do not know how much higher.

Banking Crisis in Ukraine: Origins, Remedies and Consequences

Moreover, the level of non performing assets at the end of 2008 is likely to be much higher, due to

External Debt, Adjustment

6.1 Introduction High ratios of external debt to GDP in selected Asian countries have.

The Impact of External Debt on Economic Growth in Ethiopia

Compared to other sub Saharan African countries the overall deficit including grant as percentage of GDP is among the highest in Ethiopia over the

Title: External Debt and Economic Growth

ABSTRACT This study will examine the interaction among economic growth, external debt

With $485 billion external debt, can India weather currency storm?

Rupee likely to get hit, but not too hard The rupee will stabilise in the long term but is likely to remain volatile

Determinants of debt rescheduling in eastern european

3 These variable are highly correlated among themselves but Detragiache and Spilimbergo (2001) suggested to

A closer look at corporate debt in

Corporate debt in Indonesia is still low at 24% of GDP and overall corporate sector risks appear manageable.9 But a high share of external debt (75%, most likely fully in foreign currency)

The debt servicing capacity of

The role of debt overhang in precipating debt crisis is crucial. Moreover, to a greater extent the Nigerian debt situation is highly unsustainable. This unsustainability of Nigeria’s external debt could be associated with high initial debt stock, high interest rate, lower real GDP growth...

Talk:List of countries by external debt - Wikipedia

The figure of EU external debt would be very interesting though; and not likely very much higher than the US debt, since most of the debt of the EU

African Nations: An Empirical Investigation

Of the more than $40 billion increase in the external debt of African countries between 1973 and 1982, $33

External Debt and Exchange Rate

Thus, this implies that the higher is the accumulation of the rate of external debts, the more severe

External Debt and International

In fact, we find that USD is becoming even more dominant than ever as a choice of denominating currency for external debt among many MICs and LICs.

Adoption of an IMF Programme and Debt

more stable and, by extension, less subject to external debt crisis. Finally higher income countries may be less likely to reschedule their debt

An empirical analysis of the effects of external debt

KEY WORDS : External debt, Poverty. 1.0 Introduction The most effective tool to poverty alleviation is sound macroeconomic and social policies.

External debt and economic growth: trends an d

Trends in Pakistan’s External Debt. Pakistan’s Vicious Debt Trap (1999's). The issue of high levels of indebtedness in developing countries received much attention in

Impact of External Debt Financing on Economic Development in

1. Introduction External debt burden in Nigeria can be traced to so many factors in the past which caused the growth of the economy to decline alongside its development.

Financing of Multinational Subsidiaries

This provides a rationale for external debt nancing by subsidiaries since the higher the interest rate

Towards a Renewed Debt Crisis?

There is strong evidence that the crisis is likely to have major consequences for the external debt sustainability of many poor developing countries.

External Imbalances as an Explanation for Growth

Moreover, even under the assumption of domestic saving availability to finance investment, still external indebtedness is likely to occur due, among other things, to the

We’ve surveyed 50,000 young people between 2007 and 2011.

Both of these answers were more likely to be selected by girls than boys and by older students (aged 16 to 19). Only 2% of young people felt that it did not matter if they got into debt because they would pay it off eventually, though this was higher among boys than girls.

The downside of external-debt reduction

More plausibly, by the 1990s concessional creditors may have come to believe that their future resource availability was likely to diminish, and that it

Countries Where Foreign Debt Is Most Likely To Be Concessional

There are many countries that have a high amount of concessional debt. Concessional debt can be a strong indicator of corruption. Foreign debt is the total external debt that a country owes to foreign entities.

Debt and College Graduation

Findings also indicate that the likelihood of graduating from college is higher among White and Black students with education loans of $10,000 or more than

India’s external debt: an analysis of growth

External debt as a tool to promote economic growth had been one of the prominent topics of

Implications of External Debt on the Nigerian Economy: Analysis

When economic growth is enhanced (at least by more than 5% growth rate), the economy’s situation is likely to be affected positively.

Debt Sustainability in Guyana - Default on External Debt

Guyana had the highest external debt-to-GDP ratio among HIPC countries in 2005 (140%), while Bolivia and Honduras had the lowest ratios (53%).

ZAMBIA - Chapter 4: Public Debt and Fiscal Contexts

the combined debt relief initiatives. And while the Zambian government will most likely continue to

External Debt Relief - tutor2u Economics - More Study notes

General government debt (external and domestic) is also much higher, with an average of 76 percent in Euro-zone (17) countries in 2011, more than twice the comparable ratio for the largest borrowers among developing countries.

Belarus Seeks Money to Serve Its Mounting External Debt

In 2013-2014 the amounts that Belarus will have to serve its external debt is likely to increase significantly.

An Assessment of the Impact of External

Among the notable economists who made such suggestions are Hans Singer and Ragner Nurske.

Adjustment Difficulties and Debt

This danger is likely to persist for some time. In this paper we shall focus on the analysis of the

Who Has Student Loan Debt, and Who’s Worried?

While women are no more likely than men to have student loan debt, they are more likely to worry about repaying it.

Household debt on the rise - Business News - The Star Online

When Bank Negara recently announced that Malaysia’s household debt-to-gross domestic product (GDP) ratio increased to 89.1% as of 2015 from 86.8%, most people grew more anxious. In fact at 89.1%, Malaysia has one of the highest household debts in the region.

Debt Rescheduling. An empirical

and, by extension, less subject to external debt crisis. Finally higher income countries may be less likely to reschedule their debt than poorer

U.S. Debt

On a longer-term basis, there will likely be more viable alternatives, and a downgrade will cost the U.S. more in the way of interest expense and credibil-ity.

Research - and external imbalances are widening

External debt is now nearly 300% of GDP, while short term external debt is just short of 55% of

Household debt

Moreover, individuals with higher household incomes had more debt, likely due to their greater debt-carrying capacity.3 The total amount of household debt was particularly concentrated among those with at least $100...

External versus Domestic Debt in the Euro Crisis

Markets are worried about Portugal for a different reason – its high external debt – specifically, that of its private sector (banks and enterprises).

Public Debt Overhangs: Advanced

Even more striking, among the 26 episodes we identify, 20 lasted more than a decade.

External Debt and Growth

But as debt ratios reached very high levels in the 1980s, it became clear that for many of these countries, repayment would not just constrain economic performance but be virtually impossible.

Impact of high and growing - 3.1 Direct impact of public debt on growth

While the economic growth rate is likely to have a linear negative impact on the public debt-to-GDP ratio, high levels of public debt are also likely

Original Sin: Is Mongolia Facing an External Debt Crisis?

But actually, with more external debt contracted and with the exclusion of debts that will have to be paid off from the government budget in any case, the risks of debt distress are higher now than before the new DMF was implemented.

The Danger of External Debts - Mises Institute

High public (external) debts and persisting import surpluses are signs of a weak currency.

The Debt Explosion Among College Graduates, by Heather Boushey...

Lower income students tend to owe the most money, but the biggest increase in indebtedness over the decade has been among higher income students.

WBP Online

After 8 years of providing fast data and the most relevant news for traders, World Business Press will be entering a period of hiatus while investor options are explored.

The role of external balance sheets in the

Debt is more important than equity — leverage matters For most countries a high proportion of gross external liabilities at the onset of the crisis was

Dauda Foday Suma

Firstly, countries that use external borrowing for productive investment with long gestation periods are more likely to exhibit high debt-to-exports ratios.

What Debt Levels are Dangerous? - Economics Help

Firstly, the statistic for UK at 500% looks like UK external debt. Or more likely it could refer to the total UK debt i.e. Private + Public debt.

External Debt and Financing of Economic

Foremost among these challenges is the issue of external debt and its role in financing economic development.

Public Debt Overhangs: Advanced

Even more striking, among the 26 episodes we identify, 20 lasted more than a decade.

Causality Analysis of External Debt

Turkey is a developing country and it has a high economic growth and is also paying too much for external debt service.

WikiLeaks Document Release

A 2005 study by economist William Cline provides an explanation for the external debt paradox as well as an assessment of the need for concern about U.S. external imbalances by policy makers.1 It

Fiscal Sustainability and Debt in Small Open

Collaborations of this kind have been among the most enduring outputs of the Centre over the

Key words: External debt, Economic growth, Granger Causality Test

The need for foreign currency, seeking reserves to maintain the value of the national currency can be counted as among other reasons.

Difference Between Internal Debt and External Debt

In the case of external debts, the indirect real burden for a debtor country is, however, more evident as any effect of taxation in checking tax payer’s ability to work and save

New Zealand’s imbalances in a cross-country context 1

Such rebalancing will likely require higher national saving, improved international competitiveness

Does external debt contribute to malaysia economic

Furthermore, with high level of external debt, country would possibly increase the probability of being default.

Investing in Their Future

This history is considerably more likely among older students and those attending school part-time.

Debt and Negative Net

Most of the higher debt can be attributed to mortgage debt, but households with IRAs also have higher credit card and consumer debt.

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

...and Panizza (2003) external debt as a tool to help the growth of economy had been one of the prominent subjects of debate among economists.

"Dynamics of External Debts among Heavily Indebted Poor Countries...

Most of the public debt holdings of developing countries are external debts.

Through What Channels Does External Debt Affect Growth?

First, the debt overhang concept implies that when external debt grows high investors lower their expectation of returns in anticipation of higher and progressively more distortionary