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[Answered] Defender Drop Rate - Questions & Money Making - Zybez...

"A Ring of wealth does NOT affect a player's chance to receive a defender, because it's a unique drop from Cyclopes and the Cyclossus".

Getting defenders with Ring of Wealth - Help and Advice - Forum.Tip.It

Time spent to get iron defender with RoW: Approx 10 hours, did NOT drop Time spent to get iron defender without RoW: 3 minutes.

Ring Of Wealth Question - RuneScape Questions - Sal's RuneScape...

Will a ring of wealth increase my chances of getting a defender faster from the warrior's guild cyclopes.

Does Ring Of Wealth Work When Doing Barrows? - d2jsp Topic

RoW does not effect barrows chest drop rate in 07. This is true. Upon using wayback machine to research the 2007 RoW, this comes up.

Ring of Wealth--Effective or Not? - RuneScape... - Neoseeker Forums

Personally, I find much better luck with the ring of wealth equipped, what it mainly does is increase the amount/rate of the better common drops, and only slightly increases your chances of getting a "good" drop.

Reddit - 2007scape - Noob question about dragon defender

I am wearing a ring of wealth and I am using a saradomin sword; do either of those items hinder my ability to get a dragon defender?

Ring of wealth - RuneScape Item - RuneHQ - Dropped By

The Ring of wealth is an enchanted Dragonstone ring which improves your chances of better drops.


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"Your ring of wealth shines more brightly!" - Sell & Trade Game Items

Just Sayin' Apprentice. "Your ring of wealth shines more brightly!" Got this message on Runescape, what does this mean? What you sayin'?

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