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Dialectical tensions are rare in most intimate relationships.

Interpersonal - Intimate Relationships Spark Dialectical Tensions

The most satisfying intimate relationships appear to be those in which both parties are investing equally. Intimate Relationships Spark Dialectical Tensions. Have you ever felt as though you wanted to be closer to someone, but you also wanted to maintain your individuality?

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When it comes to intimate relationships and shared activities, research has shown that: -exhilarating activities are the most effective for promoting feelings of closeness.

Donna R. Pawlowski - Dialectical Tensions

Internal tensions were more primary in relationships than external tensions.

“Relational Dialectics: Friends or More?” - The Corinthian

Introduction. In every intimate relationship, there are bound to be some tensions couples will need to overcome in order to carry

Dialectical Tensions in Relationships - The International...

Baxter, L. A. and Scharp, K. M. 2015. Dialectical Tensions in Relationships. The International Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Communication.

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3. Intimate Relationships Spark Dialectical Tensions. DIALECTICAL TENSIONS are conflicts between two important but opposing needs. The most common of our DIALECTICAL TENSIONS are: Subject 8 The Nature of Intimate Relationships.

Role of Biblical Values in Managing Dialectical Tensions

Dialectical tensions are tensions between two or more contradictory needs in a relationship.

Dialectical Theory - Dictionary definition of Dialectical Theory

To dialectical theorists, dialectical tensions keep the relating process vibrant and alive, as parties navigate the unity of opposites in an ongoing manner.

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Most of the existing research that examines blended relationships focuses on intimate relationships in the workplace (Dillard, 1987; Dillard & Miller, 1988; Dillard & Witteman, 1985).

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Dialectical tensions have to do with having with having two desirable goals as well as values. Many individuals who are in intimate relationships work together for a common goal and work together to reach those goals.

Communication In Intimate Relationships

Communication In Intimate Relationships. Published: 23rd March, 2015 Last Edited: 19th May, 2017.

Dialectical tensions in marital couples' accounts of their *relationships

Dialectical tensions, defined as opposing forces that people experience in their relationships, are important for relational development.

The effects of social media on intimate relationships

The Relational Dialectics Theory of Communication aims to explore the dynamics of intimate relationships through human interaction.

Finding Comfort with Dialectical Relationships

I’m talking about very intimate details that should remain between husband and wife. While I, on the other hand, tend to keep my romantic life private from my family


D. The behaviors and actions we produce in relationships are responses to the dialectical tensions in the relationship.

Community as Metaphor: Dialectical Tensions of a

This justified the industrial role but slowly replaced the traditional sense of community…There was little time for intimate moments with family and friends.

Interpersonal Relationship Communication Theories

Relationships reflect tensions (conflicts, contradictions) that are played out in communication interaction (dialectical tensions).

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Intimacy Sparks Dialectical Tensions. Conflicts between important but opposing needs or desires.

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Rawlins’s Six Main Dialectical Tensions

Dialectical Tension. — Affection-Instrumentality. vWhether friends focus more on feelings of warmth or on instrumental tasks.

A Study of Dialectical Theory and its Relation to

Dialectical tensions can cause relationships to become stressful and as previously stated, are a huge inducer of conflict. By studying dialectics and these tensions one can acknowledge these facts and do something even more important: look toward finding solutions to conflict.

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I say “relationship,” and it’s a word I mean in all of its ambivalent, yearning, chest-tightening intensity. A few technologies occupy a startlingly intimate place in most modern lives. Our smartphones are among the most sacred and personal of our possessions, rarely out of sight or mind.

Tensions in Relationships - the Dialectical Perspective

The first dialectic identified is integration – separation, more commonly known as autonomy versus connection.


This knowledge of the most common dialectical tensions is important in blended family research because the tensions perceived in the relationship between adult children and the shared biological parent of their half sibling include integration-separation, stability-change, and...


The final dialectical tension is the one most described in the supervision literature, as each side of the dialectic represents one of the

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Relational dialectics is a concept within communication theory. The theory, first proposed respectively by Baxter[1] and W. K. Rawlins[2][3] in 1988, defines communication patterns between relationship partners as the result of endemic dialectical tensions.

Self–disclosure in intimate

Self–disclosure in intimate relationships: associations with individual and relationship characteristics over time.

Relational dialectics

Hawthorne, NY: Aldine de Gruyter.] in 1988, defines communication patterns between relationship partners as the result of endemic "dialectical tensions".

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She is a French photographer who captures intimate moments in couples’ loving relationships.

Communication, Crisis, and Identity: Dialectical

Dialectical analysis of narratives about those relationships revealed dialectical tensions in the form of dialectical oppositions in relationship maintenance and identity gaps in identity maintenance.

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Unfortunately, many farm families fail to take necessary succession planning actions even when information is available. Semi-structured interviews conducted with 20 members of 9 small- farm families in Pennsylvania revealed that dialectical tensions experienced surrounding a farm transfer...

Self–disclosure in intimate

Self–disclosure in intimate relationships: associations with individual and relationship characteristics over time.

Justice, Order, and Chaos: The Dialectical Tensions In Batman...

Moralities cannot occur outside of, or somehow above, power relationships. All relationships are implicitly constituted by power dynamics.

Leveraging the Dialectical Theory in Case Study

The dialectical tensions are categorized as follows: Relational, 1. Freedom and Control (a. Chaos and Order, b. Non-routine and Routine, c

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Stages of Development in Intimate Relationships

Stages in Intimate Relationships / 3. present major obstacles to a couple’s individual and collective sense of well being.

Substance Abuse and Intimate Relationships

Although most couples will not show all of these danger signs, if even one of these is present in your marriage or relationship, it

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At that time it was supposed that the dialectic was the most elavated form of thought and rational problem solving. Now, we know better, and we know that the dialectic can also have incredibly destructive results

Intimate Relationships

Cardillo states that engagement in such tension relieving activity (relieving the hunger drive) during this early stage of intimacy serves as the prototype for relationships that develop later on in life.

This Is How Your Zodiac Sign Influences Your Intimate Relationships

They're great leaders and are often incredibly impulsive and have a tendency to focus on themselves more. Your greatest hindrance in an intimate relationship is giving a little bit of slack to your partner.

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Relationships A Dialectical Perspective

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