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can i trade in my ipod touch 4th generation and... - Official Apple...

I was just wondering if I could trade in both my iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation for a discount on the new iPhone 5?

Where Can I Trade in My iPod Touch for a Newer Model?

The concept of an iPod Touch trade-in may seem odd for a device whose price is not so substantial that it would be prohibitive, but iPod Touch trade-in offers are popping up left and right around the internet and new technology markets.

How to fix a stuck power button on my iPod Touch... - Quora

Why is my iPod Touch 4G turning itself on? How can you charge an iPod Touch without a charger? Chuck Rogers, Apple consultant, former employee, and fan.

Trade In Your iPod Touch - uSell.com

How do I sell my iPod Touch? Accept the top offer on uSell, and we'll send you a free shipping kit to send in your iPod Touch.

Sell iPod Touch and iPod Touch Trade In - Gazelle

Get cash for used iPod Touch and more. Sell your iPod Touch the fast and simple way.

15+ Reasons Why iPod Touch Sucks and I Detest Apple

U can’t play I touch on x box 360 but older iPods worked fine. 70$ trade up my ass apple can rot in hell. Does everything need to cost money on the ITouch.

How do I update my iPod Touch? - Ask Dave Taylor

I have an iPod Touch I won at a trade show, then lost about a year ago…

ios - How can I make my iPod Touch home button more responsive?

I haven't jailbroken, and my iPod touch is a new 4th Gen 8GB model bought in September 2011.

Amazon.com: Apple iPod touch 8 GB (1st Generation) (Discontinued...

Well my 5G "iPod with video" finally gave out after 3 strong years so I decided to take advantage of Apple's 10% trade in deal and purchased the 8gb iPod Touch.

How can I set up email on my iPhone or iPod Touch? - Media Temple

This article will show you how to manually configure your iPhone or iPod touch with your Grid hosting service DV server email account(s) using the preferred IMAP protocol. TIP: Check out our automated tool for easy email set up!

How Can I Manually Sync My Ipod Touch

Sync iBooks between your Mac and your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch You can also sync your bookmarks, notes, and collections across your devices. Shop the Apple Online Store (1-800-MY-APPLE), visit an Apple Retail Store , or find. How Can I Manually Sync My Ipod Touch.

iPod Touch Bluetooth Unlocked by OS 3.0

There's Bluetooth in my touchy little iPod Touch? It's probably a given that many consumers had no idea the device has Bluetooth capabilities, remaining dormant... until now.

iLounge Forums - View Single Post - ipod touch discount question

was wondering if i could trade in my broken 5g video ipod, or my old 3rd gen ipod for 10% off the ipod touch? Or maybe can i trade both for a 20% discount? Anyone know? ipods ive owned...3g,4g,4g with color,5g with video,mini.

Play iPod Touch or iPhone Media On Your Computer

The main problem I had in making all of this happen is the fact that I typically sync my iPod Touch to my laptop but I have a PC in my office that is connected to my TV where I

How Can I Breathe New Life Into My Old iPhone (or iPod touch)?

Below, I'll highlight a few of those options. My Favorite Option: WhiteD00r. Whited00r is a replacement firmware for the iPhone 2G and 3G (as well as iPod touch 1G and 2G) that's designed specifically for aging iOS devices.

Why is my iPod Touch recognized as camera in Windows?

How can I make Windows recognize my iPod Touch as a iPod instead of as a camera in Windows ?

How to put iPod touch / iPhone into DFU mode - Karthik's scribblings

My Ipod Touch is stuck in recovery mode, Itunes is saying that I need to restore it. So I tried will no success. I then tried DFU mode, still nothing.

Why can't I connect to the Internet with my iPod touch? - Ricky Says

Answer: The iPod touch gives you wireless access to the web, but only if you're in range of a wifi access point. From Apple's web site: "iPod touch finds wireless networks and connects you to the Internet".

Is my iPod Touch screen bad?

This update can in most cases fix the issues with an affected iPod touch display. The display issues arise with some iPod touch'es with serial numbers starting with 9C736, 9C737 (mostly), and 9C738. - lagom.nl. Is my iPod Touch screen bad?

How can i tell if my ipod touch is charged

Tags: can touch tell is how my charged i if ipod, devil went georgia mp3, crack 3d world map.

How to Repair a Wet iPod

My mam put my iPod touch in the washing machine, It was in my pants and she didn’t check.

How to add PDF files to read in iBooks on your iPad, iPod Touch or...

2. In my ipod touch 3rd, I cannot see “books” icon in the home page. I can only access ibook from applications, which means I will need to use wifi to connect it.

Must Have Third Party Applications for your Jailbroken iPod Touch

Docs is application that lets you read documents like MS Word, PDF docs, PowerPoint, text files on your iPod Touch. Docs is available in Installer, again this comes as default if you have used my tutorial for Jailbreaking iTouch, Go to Installer search for Docs.

Transfer Apps from iPhone or iPod Touch to iTunes or Computer - iOS

First you need to authorize the computer to transfer purchased apps from iPhone or iPod Touch. Run iTunes and Click on Store menu and then Authorize Computer (for Windows users if File menu is hidden then press the Alt+F keys from keyboard first, this will show the menu bar).

How to jailbreak ipod touch with firmware 4.2.1 or lower - 3

no loader app!! what did I do?>? I have been trying to jailbreak my ipod touch. I follow the instructions as it tells me to do, but it wont jailbreak.

How to Put Music on an iPod Touch: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Two Methods:Connect Your iPod Touch to Your Computer Use the iTunes Application on Your iPod Touch Community Q&A. You can put music on your iPod Touch in just a few minutes as long as you can either connect your iPod to your computer or have a reliable WiFi connection.

You can jailbreak the iPod touch 6th generation right now

The iPod touch 6th generation can be jailbroken out of the box, because it comes with iOS 8.4, and the PP iOS 8.4 jailbreak tool for Mac works with the new iPods. In fact, I just jailbroke my device no less than 5 minutes ago, and it worked without a hitch.

How To Restore Factory Settings On iPhone / iPod Touch

Sometimes when hard resetting your iPhone or iPod Touch don't solve your problem then you need to restore original default factory settings on your iPhone via recovery mode.

iPod Troubleshooting & Repair Q&A (iPod Troubleshooting & Repair...)

With EveryiPod.com's iPod Troubleshooting & Repair Q&A you can get answers that make it easy to resolve all of your iPod issues. Questions ranging from "How do I reboot or restart a 'frozen' or 'hung' iPod?" to "How do I replace the battery in the iPod touch models...

Top reasons why I love my iPod Touch (1 of 2)

I can’t get enough of this thing—my iPod touch! I know I probably use it excessively—always seeking out a free wifi (pronounced weefee) connections. But it really is one of the most useful things in my pocket.

iPod Touch (review num. 21)

I traded in my old iPod Nano with a brand new iPod Touch this afternoon. My old iPod Nano was the first generation of iPod Nano with white colour and now my iPod Touch is black colour. I’ve been used it for almost 3 (three) years, so i think this is a good.

You can now fully jailbreak iPod Touch 2G! - QuickPWN

Thanks very much. the Quickfreedom worked perfect on my ipod touch 2G... Great and really happy after long time waitin. Damn this is good.

How To Reset iPod, iPhone & iTouch - Megaleecher.Net

okay, i havent used my ipod touch for like 2 weeks becuz i left the charger in my locker at school and today when i got it back and plugged it in, all it says

TouchCopy does not detect my iPhone, iPod or iPad

iTunes is required for TouchCopy to detect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. You can download iTunes from here.

28 tips & tricks all iPhone and iPod touch users should... - MacYourself

The iPhone and iPod touch are revolutionary devices which can perform a seemingly unlimited amount of tasks, but some new users may not be aware they can do even more to improve their overall user experience.

How to Fix iTunes When It’s Not Syncing with iPhone, iPad, or iPod...

iOS is obviously going in the direction of not needing iTunes at all, but in the meantime you still need to sync an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to copy over music libraries, videos, media, perform local backups, apps, and more.

Fix: iPod Touch Not Detected By iTunes

Try to see if your iPod Touch is detected by Windows now. I’m hoping these steps worked! iPod Touch Not Showing in Device Manager. In this case, there may be a hardware issue. Try the following

Reset iPod Touch - ITJungles

my ipod touch is disabled.Someone may have changed the password.How can i reset it,or restore it. Hello, if your iPod Touch is locked it might be that someone, or yourself (inadvertently) locked it, by going to the "Find my iPhone" page, whereby you may enter you Pod's serial #; make it beep, if...

Ease-Fit Armband for iPod touch 5th gen

Holds Your iPod touch While You Work Out. Don't let your iPod touch get in the way of your workout. The sporty Ease-Fit Armband wraps snugly around your arm, ensuring your music player stays put.

iPod Touch 4th Gen - Forum - Linux Mint Forums

I'm am having a wee bit of trouble putting music on my iPod touch (4th Gen) in mint katya. (By the way loving mint). I have tried multiple media players (banshee, rhythmbox, gtkpod) and installed libimobiledevice, but every time without success.

How To Sync iPhone, iPod Touch Email Calendar and Contacts with...

Being that an iPhone and iPod Touch have either WiFi or 3G, this will allow you to SYNC your device to Google wherever you are in real-time!

Computer doesn't recognize ipod [Solved] - Forum

LOL ... this worked for my iPod Touch, 5th generation. Lucy, you are a legend, or should be. Report serbanos- Nov 19, 2014 at 08:54 AM.

my iPod touch doesn't sync but Nano does - Windows 7 Help Forums

Now my 32GB iPod Touch is a different matter. Using the same usb port and cable, I plug in my iPod Touch and iTunes opens and attempts to sync. Eventually, it stops syncing, then I see it in iTunes as my what I named it, capacity at the top is 29.28 GB.

A bigger iPod touch: Engineered for even more funness? - iMore

It's probably enough to provoke some short-term sales increases of the iPod touch, but I'm more interested in what comes next. What I'd really like to see is a bigger iPod touch.

Update iPod Touch 3.0 Firmware For Free (How to)

I for one stayed home today to get the new OS3 for my iPod Touch. Tell me, though. Will my data be overwritten by the OS upgrade?

Is the Apple iPod Touch a traveler's best... - GRRRL TRAVELER

I store my iPod Touch somewhere safe and my $40 cheapie GSM phone sits on the outside of my bag for quick access. Afterall, who’s gonna steal a no-bells-or-whistles

How to bypass apple icloud activation on iPhone & iPAD

where are the comments? i tried this on my ipod touch 5g.. after i ok the error.. i dont already know what " finish activation in your device means ". it still asks for the previous owner's credentials.

First Look: iPod touch 1.1.3 - Macworld

Installation. My iPod touch poses some unique upgrade changes since it’s “jailbroken”—altered in such a way so that I could install third-party applications on it. Before attempting to upgrade the touch, I wanted to restore it to its...

Everytime I think about you, I ipodtouch myself. - Ask MetaFilter

My new iPod Touch is in the mail and I should have it in my hands tomorrow! I'm awfully excited for it, considering I decided against jumping ship to AT&T for the iPhone this summer. What fun and exciting things can I do with it?

Jailbreak iPod touch 3.1.3 Firmware - Redmond Pie

I did whole process of jailbreaked my ipod touch (I have 2G with OS 3.1.3. MC model) Everything is ok. When it finished. I've got Cydia app in my iTouch.

How To Jailbreak iPod Touch 3G, iPod Touch 4G Using...

(itouch 4th gen) i downlaoded limera1n and succesfully jailbroke my ipod. my cydia displayed the message “this device has a pending TSS request” 4 hours later, i accidently deleted the app “limera1n” from my itouch. cydia is still on my

iPod Touch - The Spotify Community

I am thinking about getting an iPod Touch because I was able to find most of the songs on Spotify. It is my understanding that if I get Spotify Premium, I can listen to my music library when I am offline (when driving, running, etc.) Is this correct?

RedSn0w Jailbreak Tool Guide For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

RedSn0w actually evolved from the Jailbreaking tool Quickpwn, which was an early Jailbreaking tool used to Jailbreak the 2nd generation of iOS. Nowadays RedSn0w can be used to Jailbreak almost all firmware versions of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

iPod touch 4g Actual Size Image

See the actual size of a iPod touch 4g right on your monitor. Just select your monitor size, and Pective will display it life size.

My New Phone is an iPod Touch

I would say I can do a lot more done in my itouch than on my laptop. I have mutilingual keyboard, try hooking up to more keyboard in your laptop or buy stickers stick and peel it,. In Ipod it comes for free with just a touch of finger.

My friend tried unclocking my ipod and she disabled it... :: Ask Me Fast

...and she disabled it but it was a traded ipod so I don`t know the passcode for itunes, I NEED my ipod switched on though, can anyone help please?

Comments about Apple iPod Touch 2nd Generation MP3 Player

I can finally do what I want with my iPod Touch - yeah ! I got a new **iPod Touch** for my birthday (several months ago) and at first I was disappointed that it didn't have the camera and I had to locate a wi-fi signal...Read complete review.

IPod Touch 5G -- FULL REVIEW ---- (HD) - See the most Amazing...

Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation Review (2012 iPod Touch 5G Review). iPod Touch 5th Gen - Still Worth It In 2016?!

iPod Touch - Easiest jailbreak ever - no... - MacRumors Forums

Forums iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks. iPod Touch Easiest jailbreak ever - no computer required!

Where can I download movies for my ipod touch for free?

when i attempt to add it accross from Lime Wire i get a message through I Tunes sayin my Ipod Touch does not support this.... Answer: um I dont know if there are that many movies on limewire period even though i havent really checked...

iPad, iPhone or iPod touch: Slow YouTube, Fixes - AppleToolBox

A number of users have reported inordinately slow YouTube download speeds on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. In these cases, users have strong WiFi or 3G signals and experience fast throughput in Safari and other applications, but very slow...

Vshare IOS 6.1 – install vshare iphone, ipad, ipod touch

Step 4: With the Appvv’s source now added into Cydia go into the Appvv’s Source by tapping on it and you should see vShare iOS 6.0+. Install vShare for iOS 6.0+ and then restart your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

IPOD Touch - Mamapedia

I love my ipod touch. I had to upgrade a few months ago from a 1gen to the 4th gen because the headphones input didn't work anymore.

How to Unlock an iPod Touch Without the Password for Free

I have an itouch 4g thats locked and i have followed the steps but when restoring the ipod every 30minutes it goes back to that apple logo then back to the passcode screen. what am i doing wrong?

Install WhatsApp On iPod Touch and iPad Without... - DigiSecrets

Hi, I’ve been trying to download whatsapp for my ipod touch 4 gen. Followed through all that you say to do but to no avail. Please help!

Download WhatsApp iOS 10.2 for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone

I got it working on the itouch but it has all my friend’s contacts on it… Is there any way to delete those contacts so I can just have my own?

What to do with my old iPod Touch? - Forum

I while ago I found my iTouch 2nd gen between a pile of packages and papers and whatnot miscellaneous stuff.

What I'd Like to See at the September iPod Event - Let's Rock Apple...

Last year’s “Let’s Rock” event brought a new range of iPod nanos with video camera. This year there have been a myriad number of rumors, most coming in parallel to those of the iPhone and iPad, about the iPod touch.

The new iPod touch is the best iPod ever, but who needs one?

The new iPod touch features an improved camera, beefier processor and comes in lots of fun colors. But in 2015, is that enough to make it worth buying?

New doulCi tool bypasses iCloud’s Activation lock on iPhone, iPad and...

good day i bough ipod touch 5th gen in a guy and after i reformat it the activation process need a apple id and password of the original owner to activate icloude. ineed the icloud removable tools to bypass the ipod…… plsssss help me.

Apple's Mac + Free iPod Touch Back-to-School Deal Ends September...

The iPod Touch and the computer need to be on the same receipt and ordered at the same time in order to qualify for the program. Once you receive your receipt, you’ll be able to apply for a rebate on Apple’s website.

How to Restore Deleted Apps on iPhone/iPad from App Store or iTunes

If you deleted an app from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can recover the app very easily.