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Best Places to Dumpster Dive: Serious Planning for Serious Finds

Dumpster Diving: The Best Places to Dumpster Dive and How to Do It Like a Pro.

How to Dumpster Dive (with Pictures) - wikiHow

If you’re looking for a specific type of find, the smartest place to look is at the source. For example, you’ll have a much better chance stumbling upon unused beauty products behind a cosmetics boutique, or turning up small electronics at an office supply store.[6].

Dumpster Diving: the Right Way: 6 Steps - Step 6: My Best Finds

<p>I am more interested in computer things. Good thing in my town we have several locations where people drop off unneeded electronics.

Good Places to Dumpster Dive - Our Pastimes

Grocery stores may or may not be good places for dumpster diving depending on what is thrown out that day.

What do you find when dumpster diving? - Quora

Since then, I do some occasional dives at electronics stores and such, with mixed results. If you’re curious, I did put together a piece about the best places to go dumpster diving: Best Places to Dumpster Dive: Serious Planning for Serious Finds.

Dumpster Diving? - The Economic Collapse

Best places for me was in/near apt. complexes as people really throw out good stuff and in a hurry to move.

good places to dumpster dive

Indonesia ISLAND HOPPING and Best Places to Scuba Dive. Do you know Greek Island hopping? Yes... Thats one of best island hopping in greece and the world.

Dumpster Diving 101: How to Turn Trash to Cash

People dumpster dive for all sorts of reasons. Some do it because they wish to decrease the impact they

Best Places To Dumpster Dive For Electronics

Huge Dumpster Diving Haul! Big Money Electronics Free!! This is our best dumpster dive ever! We found so many expensive electronics and more at office depot!

College Move-Out Days: The Best Time to Dumpster Dive?

The flowers are opening their colorful buds, birds are chirping, and across the country, thousands of college students are throwing out working electronics, unopened containers of food, and other

The Ultimate Guide to Dumpster Diving - Alternet

Rule 2: Leave things better than how you found them. Dumpster diving can be messy

How To Make A Year From Dumpster Diving Shoppers Enter And...

Log furniture ideas for your place home caprice bed. Queen bed makeover rough linen bedding. Amazon amazonbasics piece bed in a bag fullqueen navy simple plaid home.

Dumpster Diveing - Forum

Are there any good places to dumpster dive in Fairfax? Does anybody know anyone who dumpster dives?

10 Great Online Resources To Support Your Dumpster Diving Lifestyle

The MeetUp site is a great place to find fellow dumpster divers near your area and plan or attend a meet-up. Dumpster diving at its best is a group activity

How to Dumpster Dive for Free Food

How to dumpster dive. Dumpster diving works on the premise that certain types of businesses

Rob Greenfield's Guide to Dumpster Diving

Dumpster diving is illegal in very few places around America, however if the dumpster is on private property than you could technically be trespassing.

Dumpster diving - Everything2.com

A key point to success at dumpster diving is to dumpster places with high inventory turnover

The Pro Dumpster Diver Who’s Making Thousands Off... - WIRED

Malone started dumpster diving nine years ago, when he was working at a lower-level corporate

How to Dumpster Dive

Where and How to Dumpster Dive. If you’re in the US or Europe, the best place to go dumpster diving is behind any supermarket. Since supermarkets are required throw out perishables you can often find food on a daily basis.

Dumpster Rental - Dumpster Diving - Same Day Dumpsters

Q&A: good places for dumpster diving?Question by : good places for dumpster diving? i’m doing an assemblage project for art and im gonna go dumpster diving. my sister would normally go to lowes or something like that. anyone have any suggestions about good places for dumpster diving Best...

Dumpster Diving FAQ

Is dumpster diving illegal? This is a difficult question. The laws are complex and vary from place to place.

Dumpster Tutorials : freegan.info

Dumpster diving: an Introduction Old but good intro, discussion board, and poll on dumpstering. 2600: Dumpster Diving: One man’s trash Not surprisingly, the very helpful dumpster tutorial from the hacker group 2600 has lots of info on how to dumpster dive to gather electronics — and information...

Freeganism and Dumpster Diving @ Not Quite Nigella

He responded quickly and was amenable to showing me around the best places to Dumpster Dive as he likes spreading the word.

How To Get The Best Deals At GameStop: Dumpster Dive

Some people have noticed and have taken to "dumpster diving" to salvage the stuff that Gamestop throws out. Dumpster diving is exactly what it sounds like: the practice of wading in trash to find things of interest.

Dumpster Diving tips from a Prop Part Three

Le Comprehensive Guide To Dumpster Diving, Part Tres. September 25, 2012 By GTC 13 Comments.

Dumpster-Diving for Makeup: Would You Try This Dirty Business?

I get the thrill of dumpster diving, I really do. I got my fair share of end-of-semester castoffs during my college years. But most of the good stuff?

dumpster diving faq learn how to dumpster dive

This is a true dumpster divers tool.With this tool a dumpster diver can take a birds eye view of the places he/she is looking to dive getting a good idea of just where the dumpster is located and whether or not it is a compactor.

From Trash to Treasure: All About Dumpster Diving #treasure

There’s an art to dumpster diving that only comes with experience. But with some simple dos and don’ts—and a little bit of practice—you’ll be well on your way to becoming a dumpster diving pro.

Is it legal to dumpster dive in the state of wa - Q&A - Avvo

Pick the best answer. Let us know when your receive great advice so we can thank our lawyers and point others with similar questions in the right direction.

This is your brain on Dumpster Dive - News - SparkFun Electronics

We are happy to have you in the family as well. I hope you enjoy your Dumpster Dive box. Hope you come next year.

Dumpster diving - Wikipedia

People may often dumpster dive for useful items such as clothing, furniture, food, and similar items in good working condition.[5] Some

Laws on Dumpster Diving - Legalbeagle.com

Many dumpster dive for food but people also throw away furniture and resalable goods.

MetroActive Features - Dumpster Diving

One features catchy, grunge-style "Music to Dumpster Dive By." The Loyal Order of Dumpster Divers in Victoria, British Columbia, has not only helpful advice but a complete line of dumpster-diving apparel as well.

On Dumpster Diving

On Dumpster Diving. Lars Eighner (b. 1948) dropped out of the University of Texas at A u r x after his third,year and took a job at a state mental hospital.

$5,000 In Free Ulta Makeup-Dumpster Dive Haul #9

Stevie Peele: Many ppl dumpster dive but I don't think it's ok for her to sale items she isn't willing to pay for herself. That's disgusting and unethical.

Where is the best place to dumpster dive? - Brink of Freedom

She branched out, tried new places, maybe got into the dumpster and her family is better off for it.

7 Times When It's Okay To Dumpster Dive - Our Best Blog Posts

We were just kids, justifiably proud of our dumpster-dive finds. Many years later, however, I still find it difficult to pass a well-stuffed trash barrel without peeking

Dumpster Dive Your Way into Fast Cash - Everybody Loves Coupons

Dive Safely. It's important to go into your dumpster diving experience well-prepared.

Dumpster Diving

Be a good sport and don’t read the two “D” words written in big bold letters at the top of this page, and act surprised when I tell you hackers can accomplish this without relying on a single bit of technology (punny).

This Woman Lives in NYC on $5,000 a Year Thanks to Dumpster...

She needed a place to stay, he had a vacant room, so she became his home keeper, cleaning, gardening and bringing dumpster-dived food in lieu of rent.


What does the fashionable dumpster diver wear?" Good question. Let me break it down.

Paghat's Garden: Dumpster Diving

Most dumpster diving is behind retail shops. The restriction (with exceptions) is usually a lock, not a law. No lock, no prohibition.

People Dumpster Diving for Marijuana to Make Money

With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington state, it seems there are a growing number of people dumpster diving specifically for weed. As legalization takes place in more and more states, there is a good chance growing numbers of people will do this.

Dumpster Diving San Diego Public Group - Facebook

Dumpster Diving San Diego has 692 members. This group was started by Rob Greenfield to host dumpster diving tours so that new people would have an...

Stereotypes about Homelessness in America in Dumpster Diving by...

Food, clothing, electronics, etc. are some of the things that can be found in dumpsters.

What is Dumpster Diving? - Best Places to Dumpster Dive

Is there a security system in place to deter/prevent unauthorized access? Is there any other dumpster diver already hitting the dumpster?

Why Dumpster Diving Is a Thing (And 3 Ways...) - Everyday Feminism

And yes, hold your gag reflex for a second and let something very important sink in: Dumpster diving is a thing.

Dumpster Diving for Food: Here's Why Some Do It

Maximus Thaler is not only a "semi-professional" dumpster diver, but a thinker about what dumpster diving for food means to our humanity.

What You Need to Know to Dumpster Dive in the Twin Cities

"In the wintertime, these things last longer," diver Mouat said. "They're preserved." This means the recent cold snap is good news for dumpster diving, since summer heat

Dumpster diving at Guitar Center - Forum - The Acoustic Guitar Forum

There is not a better place to get a guitar or amp shipping box & packing material for free.

Cool Things Found Dumpster Diving - A Macbook! - Guff

We can't advocate dumpster diving, but if you WERE to dumpster dive in a video game store's

Dumpster Diving in Green Bay WI - Wisconsin's Garbage Removal...

Dumpster diving has always been seen as taboo. It is something that homeless people have done to survive.

Night patrol: Dumpster diving for food in Copenhagen

Dumpster divers will generally visit several spots in one night. Some supermarkets are known as reliable places to find certain foods types, such as bread and baked goods. There is a social element to it too, as dumpster divers exchange tips about where the best food can be found...

dumpster diving, the other urban foraging

admin - my golly, I wish i could share some of the best places to dumpster dive in the columbia area but they are all either locked or have been converted to trash compactors. It is immoral how much food is thrown away.

New England Journal of Public Policy - On Dumpster Diving

before I began Dumpster diving I was impressed with Dumpsters, enough. so that I wrote the Merriam-Webster research service to discover what I could about the word "Dumpster."

Dumpster diving - Forum

I dumpster dive extensively. Food diving and stuff diving are two different beasts. Best places are smaller, high end food shops because they throw away high-quality food that is perfectly good due to minor blemishes.

Dumpster Diving In Brooklyn Photos - Business Insider

We take turns pulling out the yogurt containers and wiping them off to place in a box. I look at the expiration date: more than two weeks away.

Dumpster diving wiki (frugality forum at permies)

Your "friends" are supposed to pick which is the lie. Then, a rather brilliant guy posted this, instead: 10 best things I've dumpster dove...

More Adventures In Dumpster Diving - And Then We Saved

I do dumpster dive! My hubby normally feels a little weird about it, but our best find yet is a coffee table that we are revamping for our back porch.

See Stunning Photos of What Rob Greenfield Finds After Dumpster...

And it’s good stuff. This is what a typical dumpster score looks like. In major cities across America I have hosted "Food Waste Fiascos" in which I went out dumpster diving, usually just for one night, and set up my find in a public park the next day.

Dumpster Diving - LifeLock

Dumpster Diving Statistics: Americans receive over 4 million tons of junk mail each year.1.

Dumpster Diving - GBAtemp.net - The Independent Video Game...

So do you guys dive in dumpsters? What are the stuff you mostly find and where do you usually dumpster dive?

Inside the World of Dumpster-Diving Beauty Scavengers - Racked

She confirmed the divers’ hunches. "We did have a pretty serious dumpster diving problem," she says.

Lars Eighner “on Dumpster Diving” Essay - 729 Words - Bartleby

One rule is knowing good place and time to look for food and other items, that could be useful. Another rule is knowing how to eat safely from a dumpster .

Dumpster Diving Tips from a Pro at Eclectically Vintage

In order to yield the best results from a dumpster dive, you need to keep these rules in mind.

Dumpster Diving - NevBlog

Some places lock the dumpsters or even pour bleach on top of the food (more for health and cleanliness reasons).

Dumpster Diving - Best And Worst Places To Go - Nordstrom...

Dumpster Diving - Best And Worst Places To Go - Nordstrom Portland Mall.

Dumpster Diving for a Headboard - Hometalk

I went “dumpster divingfor a new guest room headboard. Well that’s sort of a lie… At our complex we have a semi-enclosure around the dumpsters & people place furniture they no longer want next to the trash, but inside this area.

Grand Rapids Dumpster Diving Club – Wanna Join?

A group who meet and well, dive in dumpsters at night to save the world. Not sure about membership dues or if any minutes are taken but you can visit the groups website HERE and join.

Man dumpster dives 3,000 km across Europe to protest... : TreeHugger

Dubanchet estimates that one out of ten places will give away food, with Berlin, Germany being one of the best places for dumpster diving.

What I Learned (and Found) Dumpster Diving - Dr. Grace Kao

Diving sounds scary to me and I think it is awesome that you decided to dumpster dive and find out about freeganism first hand.


Walmart, Target, and Kmart dumpsters are a great place to pick up loads of popcorn before your next movie party.... geekygirl.

Scavengers dumpster dive for high-end makeup - WBIR.com

On the search for treasure. Beauty vloggers are dumpster diving for makeup and uploading 'haul videos' to YouTube

dumpster diver ticketed in pennsylvania - Click... - Click Clack Gorilla

Tagged: dumpster dive pa, dumpster dive pennsylvania, dumpster diver ticketed in pa, dumpster diving, dumpster diving and law, dumpster

Scavengers dumpster dive for high-end makeup - WGRZ.com

On the search for treasure. Beauty vloggers are dumpster diving for makeup and uploading 'haul videos' to YouTube

How To Dumpster Dive - By Way of Bicycle

Here’s how to dumpster dive for your first time without coming back empty handed.

Need Free Moving Boxes? Go Dumpster Diving - ToughNickel

Go dumpster diving for your cardboard! This is honestly my favorite way of getting free boxes and I have done it since move #2.

The Dumpster Diving Diaries

Entry #4: The BEST and the WORST. This post is all about my favourite (and least fave) places to dumpster.