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Frequently asked questions about redundancy

If your employer decides to make you redundant while you are on sick leave, you may qualify to bring a claim for unfair dismissal.

How your Redundancy Package can Affect your Benefits

I am being made redundant on 30th of June 2017. I have worked less than two years so I'm not entitled to redundancy however my company is paying me three months notice.

Can I Claim Benefits If I Have Volunteered for Redundancy?

Voluntary redundancy will in most circumstances be classed as any other type of redundancy when it comes to claiming benefits. You should be able to start claiming benefits from the day you are made redundant.


Can I expect to receive compensation or support from my employer if I am made redundant? What can I do if I think my redundancy was not a genuine redundancy?

What happens if I’ve been made redundant from work?

If an employee makes an unfair dismissal claim, one of the defences available to an employer under s 389 of the FWA, is that the dismissal was a ‘genuine redundancy’ – which of course leads us to the question of

Shortly after I was made redundant, my ex-employer... - workSMART

If you were made redundant – that is, you were told that your job was no longer needed – but you get clear evidence later that this was not the case, you can claim unfair dismissal.

Your redundancy rights explained - money.co.uk

If your employer is made insolvent or is unable to pay your redundancy entitlement for some other reason then you will be able to claim partial remuneration from the National Insurance Fund. However, you will first need to write to your employer within 6 months of you being made redundant formally...

Can I Claim Benefits After Being Made Redundant?

You should make a claim as soon as possible, ideally on your first day of unemployment. To claim JSA in England Wales or Scotland, you can call JobCentre Plus on 0800 055 6688.

Redundancy & Insolvency - 13. Who cannot claim?

We understand that it can be distressing if your employer has made you redundant or has become insolvent and cannot pay redundancy pay and other debts owed to you. This guide should help you claim any money you are entitled to from an insolvent employer and the National Insurance Fund.

What To Do If You're Offered A New Job Instead Of Redundancy

Is this against the law and can I make a claim should I be made redundant?

Redundancy Payments Frequently Asked Questions

You can’t claim both. You are either made redundant or you are dismissed. In a redundancy situation, the actual job disappears, due, for example, to a total closure, liquidation, rationalisation etc.

As company director, can I claim redundancy after liquidation?

Please see our quick guide for employees being made redundant in liquidation for details of how claims are calculated. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, or you would like to find out whether you have a valid claim...

Voluntary Redundancy: How Long Before Benefits Claim?

I am being made redundant at 58 years old and working for the company for ten years. I will receive statutory redundancy payment set out by government guidelines.

Preparing for after redundancy - Citizens Advice - Claiming benefits

Before you’re made redundant, you might be entitled to some help finding a new job, like time off for interviews.

Redundancy: your rights: Redundancy pay - GOV.UK

Being made redundant - rights, statutory payments you're entitled to, notice periods and consultation, apprentices.

Redundancy Law - The Definitive UK Legal Guide - Being Made...

It is important to be aware that ‘redundancy’ has a particular meaning in law that is often confused with other terms. There are some situations where an employer may claim that you are made redundant, but this is not actually the case.

I have been made redundant. How do I make a claim?

The two most likely reasons are that a $40 withdrawal fee applies to most payments and tax will be deducted from the contributions paid by an employer who did not make you redundant. When a claim is made...

Redundancy: 5 ways to take control - 4. Make a budget

Being made redundant can knock your confidence, so it’s important to remember that you aren’t redundant, your last job role is.

What benefits can i claim if i am made redundant - Finances and...

I am in the Uk on the HSMP , but have been made redundant. I have paid montlyy NI contributions for 4 years now, can I claim benefits if I cannot secure another job soon?

What tax do I pay on redundancy payments? - Low Incomes Tax...

What is redundancy? You are made redundant if you lose your job because your employer needs fewer employees where you work, for example, if your job is no longer needed because of advances in technology or the volume of work falls at your place of work.

I just got made redundant. What am I thinking?

If you have been made redundant recently, then let me add this to all of the sage advice, opinions and experience you’ve no doubt been buried under.

How to sign on for Jobseeker’s Allowance - Relaunch Your Career

(From this point on, depending on the type of claim you are making, all of the questions below may also be asked for your partner.)

Making an Apprentice Redundant

If contracted apprentices are made redundant, they could claim compensation for loss of earnings etc.

What are my rights if my job is moved abroad? - This is Money

The Redundancy Act is very clear that if someone is made redundant because a job doesn’t exist anymore then they have to be offered a suitable alternative employment

You've Been Made Redundant... What Next?

Last year I was made redundant from a company that I’d been working for for two and a half years and I’m not going to lie, it was a rollercoaster of emotions.

What happens if I am made Redundant at Work?

If you are someone who is anticipating redundancy, or simply fearful that you could be next, don’t forget that the Fair Work Act (FWA) has provisions that protect employees from being made redundant unless it can be shown that it is a ‘genuine redundancy’.

A guide for redundant employees in Insolvency situations

Please be aware that DBIS will seek to mitigate payments to redundant employees by assuming that they are claiming job seekers allowance. Any pay received in the period between redundancy and claim payment will generally be deducted. So it's probably best practice to make those claims...

How do I make an employee redundant? - What is redundancy?

If you're planning on making an employee redundant there are certain steps that you must follow and certains rights that the employee is entitled to.

what does being made redundant mean? - Yahoo Answers

"Redundancy is a form of dismissal. Therefore, in order to claim redundancy, you must normally have been dismissed from your job.

Made Redundant? It is the Position, Not You or Your Skills...

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Now it’s the time to cheer up! It’s important to know that it’s only the position that’s been made redundant, not you or your skills.

Your rights if made redundant - nidirect - What redundancy is

If your employer is making 20 or more employees redundant in one establishment within a 90 day period it is a collective redundancy.


If your position is made redundant, you can make a claim from your Protect Genuine Redundancy Account (provided you have selected this account type prior to your position being made redundant).

What Being Made Redundant Taught Me About Life - HuffPost UK

Being made redundant made me realise one key thing about stress: it usually happens when you're out of control. Because losing my job wasn't something that I planned or wanted, the stress was about to become too much.

Being made Redundant - employment Law Firm RT Coopers Solicitors

I am an Employee at Risk of Redundancy/Being Made Redundant: What do I Need to Know?

Q&A: What to do if you are facing redundancy - Money - The Guardian

Being made redundant is different to being sacked. If you suspect your company is exploiting the redundancy process to squeeze you out, you could claim compensation for unfair dismissal, says Reed.

redundancy advice, Voluntary redundancy, redundant, pay, notice of...

When can companies make people redundant Staff can only be made redundant if there is a genuine need for redundancy.

Contractor Doctor: Can I claim payment protection working for an...

Since then, I have managed to claim benefits and want to start claiming for credit card payments via my payment protection policy. However, my umbrella company is saying that I was not made redundant or given the sack, but that my contracts simply came to an end. What can I expect my...

Early extension while made redundant! : UK Tier 1 (General) visas...

I know somebody on this forum have made an appilcation one year early becouse he was made redundant and he got approval. You prob. need (should) to tell them (prob. in covering letter) that you are "actively seeking employment".

Legal Q&A: Redundancy and redeployment - what is a suitable...

Hi You may have a claim for constructive dismissal but this is notoriously difficult to prove. I would suggest that you first of all need to clarify whether your current role is being made redundant

Frequently Asked Questions in Employment Law – University of...

Is it possible to amend my claim once it has been submitted? Can I claim for loss suffered as a result of my employment issue?

Been Made Redundant - Between Jobs - Redundancy - London - UK

Now you find yourself being made redundant. Whatever it was, the result was the same … you were, or are being let go.

Can I Re-Employ Someone I Made Redundant? People HR Blog

There is no restriction on an employer re-employing somebody who has been made redundant. In fact, not only is it perfectly acceptable in the eyes

Redundancy Lawyers Dulwich, London - KNIGHT-WEBB

Step 3: Meet with all of the employees who might be made redundant and explain the reasons for the potential redundancies.

Ten ways to help your finances survive redundancy

2) How should I negotiate my redundancy package? If you are the only person being made redundant there is likely to be leeway on the terms.

Acclaim Trial - Claim Approves

Couldn’t you technically be in breach if the Acclaim Trial Heart Failure first day of his/her working in bed on the title. When I purchase new ones I sneak them in the home and made redundant what can i claim benefits throw away damaged items. aa […]

How should I react when my manager informs that I am being made...

If you are indeed made redundant, best wishes finding your next position. As to the redundancy, based on your post your VP probably isn’t looking forward to this any more than you are.


Redundancies are subject to a range of requirements, and failure to observe them could give rise to claims for unfair dismissal.

What you should know if you're likely to experience redundancy.

Will I get compensation if I am made redundant? You are entitled to redundancy compensation only if it is outlined in your employment agreement/contract.

Claiming A Tax Rebate After Redundancy - Tax Refunds

Can I claim a tax refund after losing my job? If you're dismissed from a job or made redundant, you might have paid too much tax while you were working. When that happens you can claim a refund from HMRC.

Made Redundant – What About my Mortgage? - UK Property Cash...

If you are made redundant, one of your first concerns might be what happens to your mortgaged home. Being unable to meet repayments can

Why Being Made Redundant Changed Me For The Better

Before I was made redundant and singled out for no fault of my own, I worked at Mc Vities. If you don’t know who Mc Vities is, they’re a massive biscuit company in the UK. Before it happened.

Genuine redundancy - rendundancy pay and retrenchment - Business...

What is redundancy and retrenchment? In simple terms, the employer makes a position redundant when its duties are no longer needed to be done by anyone.

As thousands of servicemen are made redundant, how many will be...

I say "redundancy schemes", but many soldiers will be leaving without a compensatory penny - and for the first time will be made to find somewhere for

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Being Made Redundant - WitWitWoo

I've been made redundant for the third time. It's a real body blow but I have to remain optimistic ... it's the only way to deal with these things.

Claiming tax credits - Money Advice Service - What are tax credits?

You can’t claim tax credits and Universal Credit at the same time. Tax credits are being phased out and replaced by Universal Credit.

Being made Redundant in US on H1-B - British Expats - Forum

I recently got made redundant in NYC. I'm on a H1-B Visa that was registered to that company and i'm told it can be transferred easily but the question is how long do i have ? I know the company have notified their lawyers and they told be that after that happens...

Getting Made Redundant - The Best Thing That... - Hello Jennifer Helen

I was made redundant, completely unexpectedly, when I was only nine months into my new job.

Redundancy - Advice and guidance - Acas

This duty applies even when the employees to be made redundant are volunteers. Failure to comply with the consultation requirements could lead to a claim for compensation, known as a protective award.

If You're Ever Made Redundant...

Hopefully you won’t be, of course. But the Husband was made redundant back at the end of February.

professionalism - Redundant position refilled - The Workplace Stack...

On the last day I was informed my position was no longer required - it was being made redundant and therefore I was too.

How Being Made Redundant Could Be the Best Thing to Happen to...

In March 2009, having not made a single deal since September, I was made redundant. Words cannot describe the emotional roller-coaster that ensued in the 9 months after being made redundant. I went from shock to denial.

Redundancy - what now? - Hays

'The first thing is to remember that old Dad's Army adage – don't panic!' says Peter Stansbie, director of development at ATM Consulting, which advises those who have been made redundant on what steps to take next.

My role has been made redundant - what now? - MPB Personal...

It finally happened, my role at my 9 to 5 job was made redundant and so now I have to work out what happens next? I’m pretty lucky actually, the company I work for is very generous when it comes to how they treat employees who no longer have a job.

How do I – make somebody redundant? - Call Centre Helper

All employees should be evaluated as to who should be made redundant. This could be on the basis of criteria such as ‘last-in first out’, certain roles no longer being required, or relative performance levels.

Smarta - Bouncing back: starting a business after redundancy

Why start up a business when you've been made redundant? For Sue Acton, redundancy became an opportunity - albeit one realised after an emotional wrangle. She'd been working for Barclays for 11 years when she was made redundant in 2007.

My subordinates were declared redundant — 13 Comments

They will be developing strategies to build a safe future for the company and its workforce, whilst simultaneously dealing with increased workload, finding the money to pay for redundancies made, and manage better outcomes with a much-reduced staff.

Making staff redundant – how to do it and stay on the right... - ByteStart

Redundancy is a potentially fair reason to dismiss an employee, but it is vital that you get this procedure right as failure to do so could result in an unfair dismissal claim at the employment tribunal.

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How to Cope With Being Made Redundant

Being made redundant is not just about money and what money can buy. It is often the psychological effect which takes the biggest toll. One moment you know who you are and what you do and what you mean to other people, and then in a flash it can feel as if you are nobody.

Benefits - what can I claim?

How we make sure that our decisions are being made in your best interests. Having your say on council decisions.

Reliability and redundancy - How much redundancy is enough?

• What are the major external factors affecting fieldbus network stability? • What parts of a fieldbus system can be made redundant? • Where is control most reliable, in a field device or in the host system? Wiring reliability.

Credit card insurance claim form - Redundancy

(to be completed by the cardholder who suffered the claimable event) Complete this section if you are claiming for Redundancy.

Am Being Made Redundant At Work What Will My Redundancy...

How to build an impressive resume. Make cv for free. Free sample resume download. Good cover letter tips.

What was the PPI policy sold to cover?

11. Have you ever made or attempted to make a claim on the PPI policy? For example when you were sick or when you were made unemployed.

Made redundant in IT at 45yo. Career change advice? - Ask MetaFilter

I'm about to be made redundant (again) this afternoon and am gripped by terror. I don't even know now what I want. Any career counseling advice?

50 Redundant Phrases to Avoid

To speak of joining or merging together is, likewise, redundant. 14. Completely filled/finished/opposite: Something that is filled or finished is thoroughly so; completely is redundant.

Worker got made redundant - so colleagues baked... - Express.co.uk

A WORKER who was made redundant from her job was made to feel much better by her work colleagues. By Lauren O'Callaghan.

Payment Protection Insurance: consumer questionnaire

If “yes” tell us below why you claimed on the policy (for example, you were made unemployed) and the date of your claim.

redundant Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

She was told she was being made redundant yesterday. He was made redundant and given a big pay-off.

What is redundancy? Definition and meaning - Market Business News

The person who is being made redundant should be told clearly why this is happening. There should also be an appeals procedure in place in case he or she disagrees with the decision, or believes the selection was unfair. Redundancy may be voluntary or forced.

What is RAID (redundant array of independent disks)? - Definition...

Discover the trends making our experts’ storage short-list. Additionally, diagnose your DR in light of today’s data capacity limitations.


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