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A presidential candidate pushing for health care reform talks about Ms. Mollie Johnson of Nashville, Tennessee, who can't afford her prescription for diabetes. Which device is the candidate using?

A presidential candidate pushing for health care reform talks about...

Government - The selection of the vice presidential nominee at the national ... ratios/algebra - During class elections 64 students voted for candidate A .if ... Finite Math- help wanted. Super hard! - In a past presidential election, it was ...

Presidential Candidates Push Health Care Reform, but Who Will Pay?

As medical costs escalate and the number of Americans without health insurance continues to rise, the 2008 presidential candidates have responded by

Vice Presidential Candidates’ Health Care Track Records

As the nation approaches the 2016 presidential election, it is instructive to examine the health care reform plans of both presidential candidates through the lens of how their

2012 Presidential Candidates on Health Care

Romney has been at pains to point out that the Massachusetts health care reform that he actively pushed for - alongside the late Senator Edward Kennedy - and subsequently signed into law as Governor of Massachusetts, was a state-level

President Obama’s Health Care Reform: The Inevitable Impossible

Presidential candidate Barack Obama first outlined his proposals for health care reform in Iowa in May 2007, eight months before the

Health Care Reform in the U.S. Research Paper Starter - eNotes.com

Former presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton made health care her platform and insisted that universal health care is achievable.

The Politics of National Health Care Reform: Why... - NaturalNews.com

...Health Care Reform: Why no Popular Presidential Candidate can Solve Our Health Care Crisis (transcript).

2012 Republican Presidential Candidates on Health Care

Compare the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates head-to-head on Health Care.

Curing Health Care

Curing Health Care: The Next President Should Complete, Not Abandon, Obama’s Reform.

Democratic, Republican Presidential Candidates

Democratic, Republican Presidential Candidates Supported Health Care Reform for All Americans. In President Obama’s recent address to Congress, he said, “[This is] a plan that incorporates ideas from many of the people in this room tonight – Democrats and Republicans.”

Julian Castro says seven presidents before Barack Obama... - PolitiFact

He did endorse the idea of expanding health insurance to all, but only as as a presidential candidate for the Bull Moose Party in 1912, not during his earlier

Health Care "Reform" and the Presidential Campaign

Presidential candidates in both parties are floating proposals to overhaul the health care system and to provide coverage for the uninsured.

Obama Continues Push for Health Care Reform - TestBig.com

As the president continued his cross-country appeals on health care reform, partisan disagreements continued to echo on Capitol Hill.

ANA Presidential Candidate Questionnaire – Hillary Clinton

When Congress and special interests defeated health care reform in the mid-1990’s, as First Lady of the United States, I worked across party lines to help create the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which now provides health coverage to more than 8 million children.

REMINDER: It Took Dems 20 Years To Reform Hea - The Daily Caller

That said, I still believe we were right to try.” In 2003, nearly ten years after Clinton and the Democrats first pushed for health care reform, a young

Hillary Clinton Tried to Calm Democrats in Health Care Reform Debate

Her comments, revealed in thousands of pages of documents released Friday by Clinton's presidential library, open a new window into her role on the '90s health care reform push...

Is Hillary Clinton really the most qualified candidate ever? - Vox

As first lady, she led Bill Clinton’s push for health care reform, meaning she played a significant policy role on the White House staff.

Palin Weighs In on Health Care Reform - CBS News

There is nothing in any health care reform bill before Congress that would require people to "decide how they wish to die." Conservative talking points from activists and legislators, however, would suggest otherwise.

Chart #4: side-by-side comparison of 2008 republican candidates’

* Rear Admiral Susan Blumenthal, M.D. (ret.) is the Distinguished Advisor for Health and Medicine at the Center for the Study of the Presidency in Washington, D.C. and a Clinical Professor at Georgetown and Tufts University

Working Paper Series

Cooperative Learning in a Health Economics Course: 2008 U.S. Presidential Campaign and Health Care Reform. Jennifer K. Rhoads Doctoral Candidate, Economics University of Illinois at Chicago. Copyright 2009.

GOP Presidential Hopefuls: Where They Stand On Health Care

At first glance, the GOP presidential candidates seem virtually identical in their health policy

Romney vs Obama on Health Care

The 57th United States presidential election has once again predictably narrowed down to only two realistic presidential candidates: the incumbent, President

Green Party nominee Jill Stein on why she’s the only candidate ‘not...

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two of the most unpopular presidential candidates in American history.

NOW President: It’s 'Not Acceptable' for President... - ABC News

She said she understood the president’s frustration in wanting to pass health care reform, but “it is not acceptable for him to achieve that goal by pushing women back into the back alleys to die.”

UPDATED REPORT: Conservative media push 75-year-old "socialized...

? In discussing health care reform this year, conservative media figures have revived the "socialized medicine" smear to undermine the efforts of

Ten principles of a market-oriented health care system

Republicans want a health care reform plan that would replace Obamacare, while increasing access, lowering costs and improving the quality of care.

Trumpcare Facts - Updates On President Trump's Healthcare Reform...

Ted Cruz (Texas): Former presidential candidate Cruz introduced an amendment to the Senate bill

'Romney care' touted as a model for national health care reform...

If Washington wants health care reform with bipartisan support, experts say consider what former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney accomplished as

National Health Insurance—A Brief History of Reform Efforts in the U.S.

Origin of Health Reform In response to President Ford’s decision to withdraw his administration’s NHI plan, believing that it would make inflation worse, Carter pledged as a presidential candidate to support a comprehensive NHI plan.

The Public’s Views on Health Care Reform in the 2008 Presidential...

A majority of Independents (60%) viewed health care as very important in their vote. Figure 1. When You Are Deciding Who to Vote for in Next Year’s Presidential Election, How Important Will. the Candidate’s Views on Health Care Reform Be?

Clinton And Sanders Clash Over Path To Universal Health Care

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, left, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, pose for a photo

Health care reform and the 2008 presidential primaries

...Instead, the increasing commercialization of health care financing and delivery since the 1980s has taken health care reform in the opposite direction, pushed

Presidential Candidates: Where Do They Stand on Health Care?

At this point, every remaining candidate has solidified his or her health care platform.

Nixon and Health Care Reform

Elving explains that ―in the 103rd Congress, the inauguration of President Clinton (himself an unsuccessful candidate for Congress in the Watergate year

How the GOP Presidential Candidates Reacted to the Supreme...

Given that they lack a coherent or viable alternative to Obamacare, Republican lawmakers and presidential candidates dodged a bullet.

Our Health Record

In partner-ship with the Service Employees International Union, the Action Fund challenged all the presidential hopefuls to address health care reform in March of 2007.

Fiorina urges Trump to make the case for GOP health care plan

Former 2016 presidential candidate Carly Fiorina on the Senate health care bill. Senate Republicans rolled out a draft of their health care bill Thursday, but former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina says health care reform goes way beyond politics.

Obscure group shapes reform fight - POLITICO

Rather, Herndon can be viewed as the messaging arm of a vast center-left infrastructure pushing health care reform.

Striving for universal, affordable health care

Government officials in other states and presidential candidates from both parties have embraced many different pieces of the Massachusetts health reform law.

Responses from 2016 U.S. Presidential Candidates

Comprehensive mental health reforms will be a top health care priority in my administration.

GOP 2016 reactions to Obamacare ruling - Business Insider

Within minutes, a lmost every Republican presidential candidate swiftly condemned the decision.

Where The 2016 Presidential Candidates Stand On These 7 Health...

All three candidates specifically outline plans for veterans, addressing health and other needs in detail, on their campaign sites.

Health care reform in the 2008 presidential primaries.

Presidential candidates (Political activity) Medical policy (Management) Health care reform (Political aspects).

6 reasons why Hillary is the best candidate ever - 4. Health Care

Hillary Clinton’s mandate has always been health care. Back in the ’90’s, when she was FLOTUS, Hillary fought a pitched battle against special interests and insurance companies who tried to derail her health care reforms.

Health Care Reform: The Calm Before the Storm – Mother Jones

As Congress fights over how best to shrink the federal budget deficit, and GOP presidential candidates dominate the headlines, President Obama’s health care reform law, and the opposition to it, has dropped out of sight for a while.

What Would a Bunch of Vets Tell the Presidential Candidates If They...

Don’t privatize VA health care, and don\'t treat us like political props, among other things.

Immigration Reform And Marco Rubio 2016: Hispanics At Odds With...

Coupled with his stances against President Barack Obama’s health care law and the Obama

Health Care Reform - Debate in the 2008 Presidential Election

Alternative reform proposals were offered by both of the two major candidates in the 2008 presidential election and President Obama's plan for universal health care was challenged in the 2012 presidential election.

Advice for President Obama's health care reform plan

Prior to President Obama’s address to Congress on health reform, I asked myself, “What would I tell the President?”

Donald Trump on Health Care

2016 Republican nominee for President; 2000 Reform Primary Challenger for President. Sub-sections under Health Care

Free Essays on Obama Health Care Bill - Brainia.com

Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, a 2008 Democratic presidential candidate, uses this slogan as the banner for reform.

Quote of the Day: Did Health Care Reform Victory Reflect Major...

Dowd starts out detailing how the Dems were shocked that after being counted out, viewed as legisitively ineffectual and stalemated, and basically a bunch of political wimps they sat in the White House yesterday watching Obama sign health care reform.

Obama health-care law modeled on Romney plan... - NBC News

...advisers and experts who helped shape the health care reform law signed by Romney in 2006, when the Republican presidential candidate

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Miss the Same Health Care Mark...

Lyndon Johnson made a political choice on health care that Democratic presidential candidates can't afford to repeat.

Obama Continues Push for Health Care Reform

President Obama faces united Republican opposition to his health care reform plan, which would expand coverage to some 30 million more Americans, and take steps such as ending insurance company practices of denying coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

Racialization: Michael Tesler’s theory that all political positions come...

Your Opinions on Health Care Reform, Taxes, and Even the President’s Dog Come Down to Racial Bias.


President’s Prescription for Health Care Reform Taking Effect”.

Ezra Klein - Remembering Obama's campaign health-care plan

one of the other candidates hasnt even added so much as a WHISPER, in support of their once impassioned commitments to health care reform. they have abandoned it entirely.

Religious Groups Push Health Coverage for

An unusually broad coalition of Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders descended on Capitol Hill this week to push Congress to increase funds for health care.

Health-Care Reform and Trumpism - The New Yorker

In the 2016 Presidential primaries, the only Republican candidate who came close to this view of the world was Donald Trump, who offered a cartoon-like

Voting on health reform in the 2016 election - TheHill

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich speaks directly to this issue, “I'd like to replace [the ACA] with a health care system that would be market-driven, that would begin